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Stomach upset after eating certain foods...


My period is over, so is ovulation. I have some bliss time of pain free back and ovaries. Notice when I eat certain foods mainly startchy and bread I have stomach cramps and an upset stomach.. is this an endo thing? I’ve heard about the endo diet so I imagine food is a factor for inflammation

Yesterday I made home made pizzas with fresh dough ate a whole load of Chocolate then the next day I have a bad stomach.

I’ve had a celiac test recently and it came back negative, it was only a home test.

I’ve had these stomach cramps before when I ate Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes. I could just be allergic to something or be gluten / lactose intolerant or it could all be related to these issues. Hard to tell!

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Both gluten and dairy are inflammatory and can cause endo flare ups. Some ladies also have issues with soy. Rather than it being food item specific it could also be related to FODMAPs which these foods are all high in, tend to ferment lower down and can cause bloating, especially if you have high numbers of unfriendly bacteria in the lower intestine.

I'm currently trialling a fodmap diet for GERD digestive issues and today after 10 days seeing an improvement despite coming off my prescription meds.


A good intro is here, which mentions an auto immune connection again.


When it comes to dairy milk the casein type is relevant apparently. Originally cows' milk had A2 beta casein, the same as in human milk. But the domestication of cows for dairy production caused a mutation that gave rise to A1 beta casein that has seemingly been proven to have several adverse effects on health. Amongst these are effects on immune and endocrine function and, as a consequence, on autoimmunity and allergies. There does seem to be a case that it is potentially harmful for anyone, but particularly for someone with an immune/endocrine disease such as endo. Goat's milk and Guernsey milk are meant to have mostly A2 so may not be so bad. Or try any of the numerous alternatives soya, almond, oat milk, rice milk etc. Bute Island Scheese is the best dairy free cheese alternative ( I've tried them all!)


Gluten is known to be inflammatory and although the specific cause is unclear this trial lends weight to the view excluding it can be beneficial for endo with 75% of people seeing reduced symptoms after 12 months.

It also has an autoimmune connection and releases zonin which can contribute to increased permeability of the gut (so called “leaky gut”)

I have to say this because every time you reply to something with great detail. You will always back it up with a link to show us what your saying isn't nonsense. I really like this about you starry I enjoy reading your replies and I respect your efforts. Such a lovely lady.

Hope your starting to feel better hun 💗🤗😘

Aww thanks so much AllWeNeedIsLove I'm really glad what I've picked up along my journey is helping other people. Xxxxx

I'm struggling with this latest GERD issue but hoping that once I get that under control I'll be in decent shape and ready to think about returning to work as I'm finally getting stronger as I gradually recover from the excision surgery.

It's been tough since your surgery hasn't it 😔. Bless ya.

Glad to hear your slowly getting there hopefully you'll be pain free for a looooong time. 😉

Thanks again for your hard work your a 🌟 💗🤗😘

Kate345 in reply to Starry

This was really helpful thank you. My gluten test was negative but I guess it doesn’t mean I don’t have sensitivity. Plus it could be lactose. I had dough and cheese and chocolate yesterday all dairy products lol. Feels like my stomach hates me and is in knots the day after. And feel gassy. Might be worth me cutting out these things from my diet and have a clean diet. I mean dough is very startchy and bloating.

I also have IC / a chronic bladder infection which is caused by bacteria and inflammation.

I’ll defiantly try a cleaner diet even it’s just veg fruit and meat

Kate345 in reply to Starry

I’ve had gluten free and milk free stuff today and instantly expecting a better stomach haha I know that’s not a reality but we can dream lol

Under guidance of a professional nutritionist I'm also looking possibly at supplements ( anti microbial) plus a probiotic to rebalance my gut flora, which is in bad shape after surgery, meningitis antibiotics and ibuprofen, and now ppi's.

I'd recommend you see someone qualified for advice before trying any major changes to check it's safe, suitable and get help going about it in the right way.

Kate345 in reply to Starry

Just frustrating as my gluten free test was negative but it seems ever time I eat bread. Yorkshire puddings or roast potatoes but I guess that could mean anything. I’ll speak to a GP and start clearing my diet sticking to fruit, veg and meat and getting rid of the nasties

Lulububs in reply to Kate345

As i said earlier my gluten test was neg but when i went to alergist it showed straight up as a intolerance same as yeast and cows milk?

So i gave them all up never felt better. My period and ibs got better...

a intolerance is different to a alergy, if i eat seafood i will die as i have a severe alergy but my body has grown a intolerance to these other products, they wont kill me but my body is telling me it doesnt want them by making me ill.

I also take a mega probiotic and digestive enzyme twice a day to break down carbs and fats my body cannot digest itself..

Red meat is another thing your body cannot digest well

Kate345 in reply to Lulububs

I notice more when I eat a lot of these certain things. Had a big roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding gravy and roast potatoes next day.. bad stomach. Had a very thick home made doughy pizza with lots of cheese, chocolates after.. next day stomach issues again.

All these thing that seem to be giving me issues involve gluten, milk and eggs and are startchy and carbs. It’s not like its just fruit or vegetables.

I’ll defiantly start lowering the intake and following the FODMAP diet to see if I can get a settled stomach

Starry in reply to Kate345

Its possible to have a non celiac gluten or wheat sensitivity I believe. I am findim keeping a food and symptom diary can be useful to narrow down less obvious trigger foods. For example I've discovered through various systematic combinations of meals and ingredients that actually onion and garlic is a bad trigger for my gerd (nightmare what a ubiquitous food to try to remove) and then I read it also is extremely high in fodmaps and in the same group as wheat is, which I also react to, a big bowl of pasta is what first triggered my GERD.

You could also read the fodmap table and see if groups of trigger foods are all there in one category as some people only struggle with a particular type of fodmap, some struggle with them all.

Kate345 in reply to Starry

That’s why is so hard to find out the cause and then I have all my period stuff going on. Nightmare

It seems to trigger more when I have a lot of these things. If I have a small amount it seems to be better. I had a whole pizza made from dough and I’m in pain I guess it’s just finding out what it is if it’s an ingredient or something

Starry in reply to Kate345

I feel for you. Mines been going on over 3 weeks and I've not yet got a grip of it and stabilised. Like you portion size is a big issue of its own and I am caught between eating little enough to reduce pain but losing weight ( I'm down 5 lbs now and not big to start with) or eating enough to maintain weight and being in esophogeal agony.

I'm adding protein powder in, trying for more frequent smaller meals and also to get protein in earlier in the day as it takes longer to digest. I'm weighing plates to try to figure out how much I can get away with. Nutrionist has suggested about 110 grams odd at each sitting. It's tough going, I really feel for you xxx

Kate345 in reply to Starry

I’m defiantly going to try cutting things out. It’s like a flare up after I’ve eaten something my stomach doesn’t like it feels angry

I’m avoiding bread and dough as that seems a common theme

It’s difficult tho :(


I was admitted to hosp 10 weeks ago with crippling pain in period time, tested me for kidney stone, appendix all the norm then said i needed a lap, to see if my ovaries were ok or endo.

I had the lap all they found is that my blood clots to quick so was put on tranexamic acid... which did work to a extent but i still kept getting crippling stomach pains and upset stomach to.

I paid to see a alergist( even though my ceoliac test came back negative) but i just knew something wasnt right as i noticed my stomach reacted differently to bread doughy and yeasty things...

So when i saw the alergist it came back i was alergic to gluten, yeast and dairy.... so i gave them all up and belly been good.

Still suffer period wise but that is just something i have to bare as there is no reason for it i just get bad periods but since i gave up all the intolerances it has all got better.

Sometimes u can not b alergic to something but ur body can slowly build a intolerance then BANG one day it will react coz it telling u not to eat it as it doesn’t like it.

Mayb try goin gluten yeast free for month see if it helps?

Kate345 in reply to Lulububs

That’s interesting my celiac was just one you buy in store, a pin prick test it wasn’t done in a lab.. when it came back negative I was like oh that’s defiantly that then. Then I eat a doughy home made pizza with cheese and next day my stomach is a mess. It could stil. Be celiac or anything. It’s kust so annoying to pin point.

Lulububs in reply to Kate345

No i had mine done in hosp for actual celiac that came back defo not alergic to wheat but i had a alergist test and it came back not allergic but intolerant there two totally different things.

So u mayb like me in fact that ur body does not like it, it doesnt want u to eat it as it upsets it in gut but u wont die or get ill like a celiac, ur generally get pain in stomach and poops!! TMI lol...

I gave it all up 10 weeks ago and never looked back, lost stone, i look healthier, my skin, nails and hair look good. Most of all my stomach problems have gone and ive had stomach problems years and years.

I have soya milk and butter. Dont eat any other dairy stuff anyway.

No red meat

All gluten /yeast free food... which u must read ingredients as some will say gluten free but yeast is not gluten so it will still have that and i think my main issue is yeast

Kate345 in reply to Lulububs

That’s crazy.. the nhs gp just say oh we can do this celiac blood test and that’s it and no other tests etc. They rule things out really quick even tho your body still might not like it too much..’

Since yesterday’s food today my stomachs been hurting, gassy, uncomfortable :(

Tomorrow I’ll start eating more clean see if there’s a difference.

The dr was just like it’s just ruling things out.. but there’s so many things the only thing I can link is all the bread carby stuff I’ve been eating matches to stomach issues

I guess if I eat clean and easy digestible things it will defiantly help.. it does make sense.

I guess all these things like Yorkshire pudding are fatty for the stomach anyway lol

Starry in reply to Kate345

One word of caution, there is not a single shred of scientific evidence behind these private intolerance tests, I desperately wanted to do one and googled extensively. All igg tests do is show what you've been eating most. Which for some people is of course what they are reacting to but for others may not be at all. So they are potentially dangerous

There was also a lady who took several all with different results

The guidance from the British dietetic association

Kate345 in reply to Starry

I did the celiac one from boots you do your own blood then put the stick in.. but I mean surely it’s not as accurate as having one doing at a lab and at a drs? Just my theory.

Starry in reply to Kate345

With igg It's not the process but the underlying science is completely flawed. Igg is a measure of antibodies which is how your body recognise a food. It just shows what you've eaten no matter who does the test.

Celiac is a clinical disease and different I don't know whether the test is the same.

IgE the allergy response tests are established although hospital clinicians state they aren't always reliable according to some of the articles so a number of factors are used in a robust diagnosis.

I had bioresonce therapy it totally different to any other kind of allergy testing, they dont use ur blood or ur hair( as one of my friends had done) they use a machine, do not ask me how it works, a friend who had been quite ill recommended it and im

No pushover but she had been ill for about month and she couldnt figure out why so she went and it told her “ something leather was effecting her body”!!! Noone could figure it out... then she remembered about a month before she had picked up her brand new

Car with leather seats.... and they spray the leather which as it got hot it was letting out a toxin that her body didnt like! So she gone back to driving her old car and her husband drives the new

One and she was fine? The rash all up her legs and the headache went... shame she cant get in her new car lol....

As soon as i had the thing attached to me it came up shellfish!!! Which i am severely alergic to as in i have a epi pen coz i nearly died from

This so it knows it stuff... just cant work out how it works

Starry in reply to Lulububs

It's failed in more than one double blind scientific trials

Its equally likely that in both cases the practitioner was reading body language , using information provided and making lucky educated deductions and guesses. You will have had body language "tells" when the allergy you knew you had came up, that skilled people can read.

The leather anecdote sounds a little like the classic mediums skill of talking about someone trying to connect with middle name beginning with ... then using deduction and leading the person along to validate what they were thinking. The allergy wasn't to leather and the specific chemical wouldn't have been there to be testable by the machine.

Kate345 in reply to Starry

How long does it take for a gluten free diet to effect your body? I imagine it isn’t instantly if you’ve been eating gluten previously 😂


The GP wanted to test me for coeliac but I declined because I went gluten free a year ago and haven't had the issues since, so even if I was, I plan on staying gluten free anyway. I'd spent years in pain and feeling sick til I was told by the gynaeo to cut out gluten, best decision of my life :)

Kate345 in reply to Hidden

I’ve always had bowel issues. Always constipated with big stools.. it will be interesting to see what a change in diet will do for me

Lulububs in reply to Kate345

Yeh i will

Say i was always constipated and since i gave up gluten and yeast im now regular

Yep - I've suffered with bowel and digestive problems related to endo. It reached its peak a few months ago after I decided to start drinking coffee again (just one cup a day). I couldn't even eat a bowl of soup without my stomach and colon being in knots. The moment I cut coffee out is when things started calming down. It seems to be too acidic for my bowel and makes all my endo symptoms and PMT a lot worse. I also did an overhaul of my whole diet and stuck to the endo diet (no wheat, dairy, red meat, high sugar foods). 2 months later I'm now better than I've been in years - and I've not had one tummy ache (other than pain during my period) in the past 3 week.


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