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At wits end, is it endo?

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Hi everyone,

I've suffered from extremely painful periods since I was 9. Through my teens I organised my life around my periods as they were so bad. I missed school, birthday parties, sleep overs and have many horrible memories if I came on away from home! I used to dig my nails into my hand as the pain was so unbearable. My twin sister started hers at 13 and never had any problems, I remember growing up and thinking how is this fair?! My first gp appointment was when I was 12 and she wanted to put me on the pill but my mum refused (understandable as I was so young). My mum also suffers from bad periods. Then went back at 16 and got told I was just 'unlucky' and to just get on with it. I then went back to my gp when I was 19 as I kept having time off work every month and my employers were getting fed up so got put on the coil.

I had it for 5 years and still came on but only 1 in 4 were painful and heavy so thought 'great! Better than they were every month!' Got my second one last april and that's when it all got so much worse! May this year I started getting excruciating pain in my stomach and pelvis. Probably the worst pain I've ever had, plus extreme fatigue and my stomach swelled so much I went from a 30 inch waist to a 42 inch! Got sent to the surgical apartment with suspected appendicitis but all blood tests came back normal. Had an ultra sound scan and that was normal so got sent home with it all being 'in my head' and I was constipated. I blamed my coil so had it out. My periods have come back absolutely horrific!! Bleeding through pads, the pain is undescribable and it feels like the life is being sucked out of me. It affects my job as a dog walker and freelance groom too and can't have days off either. I saw a gynaecologist last week and got fobbed off yet again with 'your just unlucky', 'it'll get better when you have kids' and all the other comments so many other women have got. I was seething when I came out! I'm at my wits end. Do I try again with another gp and insist on a lapo? I get pain for 2 weeks of every month and I'm just so fed up :( I also get period pain when I run too. Since I was 9 I got told this was normal and I never believed it! I'm 26 now and still refuse to believe I'm just 'unlucky'.

So sorry about how long this is! I'm a pro waffler lol

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I'm so fed up of seeing stories like this (not with you hun) with the blasted professionals even with all the press endo has been getting lately this rubbish is still happening. It took me 18 years to get diagnosed hun and like you got fobbed off time and time again with nothing or constipation is etc. Can you not either say to your gp you believe you've got endo. I told mine I had it once I found out about it. Or maybe pay a private specialist who can transfer you onto nhs list. This is ridiculous and unacceptable you shouldn't be getting fobbed off like this 💗🤗😘

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