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Hi I'm Paula, I've been recently diagnosed with endometriosis after suffering with a lot of pain for the past 9 months . I've recently lost my job and become really depressed through this. I really don't know which way to turn as none of my friends even to understand what devastating affects this illness has had on my life.

Can anyone recommend some support

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So sorry to hear this, and ano what it's like that friends don't understand, I just don't have that many now, because they just don't understand, r u claiming any benefits at the most while not working


I'm on jsa at the moment, but have three children to support so struggling. Think it's maybe staying in the house constantly thts making me worse, as I lost my car a few weeks bk in an accident.

I've always been used to being the provider and although not ideal worked at least fifty hrs a week to make sure my kids has security. Since this pain started some mornings I can barely get out of bed to use the bathroom.


Arrh bloody hell it's so hard isn't it, is there nothing else u can claim like esa, I'm not at that point yet, but feel for ye have u had a laparoscopy yet.


Yes had a laparoscopy, they removed a cyst off my ovaries. But said it was that severe on my bowels that it would have to be a major op and I'd have to be referred from my own gp. The gp still hasn't got the recommendation two months later. Plus every time I've gone to gynaecologist I've ended up seeing someone else.. Apparently ovaries are stuck to appendix but won't know much more till they forward everything. Not sure about esa but in all honesty it's driving me crazy being stuck in the house


Ask your gp to refer you for some counselling. It's often done by Mind. And can be CBT but I've found it helpful.

Also look into claiming PIP as I'm in process of doing so as advised by my counsellor.

Finally look up your nearest BSGE clinic as you could then prompt your gp to refer you there as they know most about endo.

Keep posting here as there's always someone around to say "hello" and offer support and knows how rubbish this all is.

Take care.


Thankyou so much for your advise , I'll look into everything tomorrow


Anytime. Just ask.


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