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Extremely anxious 😣

Folks I'm new to this but am totally pulling my hair out as am going for a second laparoscopy on 16th of this month with treatment of decapeptyl and hrt to follow. My endo symptoms are very severe and after reading some of the side effects on actually thinking of backing out of this....is there anyone for whom this has worked for? I would really like to hear some positive feedback....if there is any?!! Thanks in advance 😊

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I had major operation for endometriosis effecting the ureter, bladder, bowel and others! I was in hospital for 3 nights. I had catheter for 2 weeks and kidney stents for 4 weeks afterwards. Overall it has been a very positive experience. Wish I had the operation decades earlier! I didn’t have any hormone treatment post operation. I had Prostap3 preop which is same as zolerax. For me I didn’t really feel any different. No hot flushes etc.

You tend to hear more negative stories online as happy patients don’t go online as much.

Try to concentrate on planning post operative recovery and getting fit for the operation. Best of luck.


Thank you so much...will let you know how it goes. I think maybe sometimes the less you read on forum's the better 😊

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Agree with Stellauk. Focus on positive and post op recovery. I read a lot and as much as it did help me understand endometriosis the stories of after were intense. I put a post regarding a positive lap if it helps.

I’m glad I’ve finally had some sorted. Yours will go well and be ok.

Sending lots of hugs and luck your way.xxxxxx


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Thank you so much xx

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