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Anxious about laparascopy

Hi guys, I finally have my laparoscopy on the 25th and I’m a mixed bag of emotions. As I’ve been on the list since November the fact it’s finally here I am now an anxious mess.

I’ve suffered with awful periods and ovulation pain for as long as I can remember.

But since last August time I started getting dull aches in my left hip area, sharp pains in my groin, shooting pains in my legs. This just started happening everyday and would get worse around periods and ovulation.

I’m SO nervous that they don’t find anything, I really need an answer and I want to be able to move on knowing what is wrong with me.

I’ve always thought there wasn’t something normal about my periods but I guess I’m wondering if anyone else just sort of had quite a sudden onset of pains that where there everyday and didn’t go away?

My other symptoms are fatigue, bloating, sometimes I get sharp pains in my bum, occasional nausea, lower back pain, sometimes I feel pain after sex.. like cramps for a day after.

To be fair this is probably more me just trying to get my worries and anxiety off my chest... very long post!

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Mine just started one day and never really went away and seemed to get worse month by month, I’d always had really painful periods but the new pains and symptoms just turned up one day or maybe bit by bit and I only noticed when it was out of control. I had the exact same worries as you, that they wouldn’t find anything during my lap... I’d almost prepared myself for it. The first thing I said when I opened my eyes was did they find it lol. (They did and in numerous places)

Try not to worry too much as you will get answers and worst case scenario, if they don’t find it, ask to be referred to a BSGE centre as endo can be missed by general gynaecologists (this little plan helped me in my lead up to surgery)

Remember you know your body best.

All the best for your lap and recovery xxx

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That’s great advice thankyou so much xxx

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I have had several laparoscopys and you’ll be fine. You have to be strong and let them have a good look to see what’s going on inside you. Yes you’ll be sore afterwards but it’s nothing compared to old surgery. The quicker they can get to the endometriosis and get things under control the better. Good luck. X


Hi Loulou,

I've just had mine a few weeks ago, so I thought of sharing my experience. I was diagnosed with endo back in January. And as you were describing, feeling constant stabbing pain in my abdomen and legs, really heavy periods and awful mood swings were my way of life.

They suggested a lap, and I said OK even though I was as nervous as you! I mean, I was so scared I went to the operation room crying. But I need to tell you that (as everyone told me beforehand, too) there was nothing to be worried about. Seriously, I couldn't believe it. So easy. I had two cysts (they found another two!) and "some endo" that turned out to be severe endo and a lot of adhesions everywhere (those even affected my bowel). They removed everything they could to let me conceive in the near future, as it was the reason they discovered my endo (my doctor said it would definitely increase my chance of having children), and my life has changed for the better. No more pain, no bloating, nothing.

I have a life again. I still have slight period pains and the odd bit of PMS, but nothing like before. I feel so energetic, it's wonderful.

So don't be nervous, everything will be ok!

Best of luck!


Thankyou for your reply, I’m sorry for your experience but so glad you’re feeling better! Let’s hope my life gets back on track x

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