Laser treatment

Hi guys it’s been a while since I put anything on here. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Was just wondering has anyone had laser treat as I have been told I HAVE TO HAVE IT DONE ASAP. I haven’t been told much about it apart from I need the op and blood vessels can be caught so I could bleed a lot but that’s it. Any of you lovely people had it done or know anyone who has had it done?

Would really appreciate some info on it

Thanks guys

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  • Sorry.ive never heard of this but i hope someone can. Lauren_danielle

  • Aww never. Ok thank you very much for the reply. I hope someone can help me

  • Hi Hun is this to remove endo?

  • Yea Hun x

  • Hey,

    In January I had the laser treatment to remove severe endometriosis. Supposedly, it went well except unable to remove all from my bowel.

    Just joined this site because I feel exactly how I did before having the procedure.... Not great, but I've heard others have done amazing! 😊

  • Hi again so I had a laser treatment to remove severe endometriosis. Which Supposedly, also went well except unable to remove all from my bowel I feel no difference than I did b4 the procedure as I was told my endo was going to be cut not lasered if you have severe I do not recommend u get laser treatment as its more for stage 1-2

  • Thank you ladies. I have been like this for the last 5/6 years at least.. it’s getting worse as time goes on. So by the looks on things this doesn’t really work!! Would you recommend me having it.. honestly? Xx

  • Endometriosis should ideally be excised (ie cut out) and not lasered. Think of endo like an iceberg, lasering only skins the top bit off which is seen but all the ‘roots’ still remain underneath. Certainly from the surgeries I’ve had around the world excision is seen as gold standard for treatment and you should never get it lasered as it comes back quicker as it’s not truly gone after surgery. I’d also recommend you ask the surgeon for far more detail about your surgery. Never go into any operation without being sure of what is being done/is it being done the best way/how it’s being done/what recovery will involve and how you are going to benefit thereafter. If they’re saying blood vessels will be caught & you’ll bleed a lot, ask why and what can be done to limit that. It’s up to us to ask these questions as there’s far too many occasions where this condition is not treated correctly and to our best benefit. I’ve seen one of the top private surgeons in this country as well as being operated on by the top endo specialist in Australia, neither would ever laser endometriosis. I suggest you try and research and find out more and prepare some questions for your surgery, don’t just rush in because you’re told you have to ASAP, fully informed is better than underprepared and you’ll be in a far better position understanding more about what is happening, it’s your body and the implications of insufficient surgery can have a very big impact.

    Good luck with it all x

  • I think Sez73 is totally right.

    I went to this private doctor, who is known as one of the best in my area for endometriosis.

    I assumed too much, didn't ask enough questions, and was just so desperate to feel better.....

    I even let him jab me with Zoladex to prepare everything & shrink fibroids for the second laparoscopy (laser) the following month. really asking about the side effects...

    *Happened in December, but I was walking around dressed for summer 2017 already, even purchased a handheld, mini fan bc I couldn't stop sweating! ( side note: I live in Southern England not Dubai or California, so it was not warm outside.) I looked cray cray and felt even crazier! Moods were a mix of The Grinch and devil x 10! Let's just say Christmas was more Halloween in our house!

    *one of the side effects of Zoladex, which not everyone gets is menopausal symptoms, but I did. I never even asked the doctor about side effects and just went with everything he said. I definitely learned a huge lesson.... 😬

  • Poor you, really feel for you love, a good lesson in trying to be as prepared as u can and ask a lot of questions pre any medication or surgery. Doctors are not gods even tho some of them act like it, a good one will always take on your board your questions, however minor or silly u may think they are. No medication should just be given out blindly without fully informing patients of all possible side effects. This is why it’s so frightening when we get unexpected symptoms - forewarned is forearmed hey! I hope things are brighter now xx

  • Thank you doll.

    Life is good 😊

    I am very excited to have stumbled upon the endometriosis U.K. Site and this chat group, as I am sort of back where I started before having the surgery.... everything happens for a reason and it seems like we are all on the same boat 🚣 x

  • We’re all paddling beside you & in the same boat! Hopefully reading people’s ups and downs can help you piece together the best advice going forward, it’s a constant uphill struggle isn’t it. It’s often the way with surgery that you find yourself two steps forward, one step back and sometimes more steps back, nature of the illness unfortunately. Glad to hear life is good, that’s the most important thing x x

  • As others have stated it is best to have the leasions completely excised rather than ablation. The total excision can be achieved by different surgical techniques including using laser, robotic assisted, etc. The important bit is to make sure all endometriosis lesions are excised not just burnt off.

    Hope this helps.

  • I tell you what ladies you have helped me sooooo bloody much. More then any consultant and surgeon. I ended up on the zoladex injections too and I have been terrible off them. I rushed into it because I just wanted to feel a little bit normal again and it made me worse. I had the flushes, mood swings and I was constantly bleeding on it ( a lot of blood too. It was pouring out of me on times)

    The one consultant was talking about removing my womb but as I’m only 26 and would love/do anything for a baby he’s holding back on it. He did say maybe falling pregnant might help me a little because it makes the endos go to sleep but how can I do that when I’m constantly bleeding, constantly in pain and constantly evil lol. Xx

  • Don't let anyone tell you hysterectomy is cure for endo. It isn't. I speak from bitter experience.

    As others have said excision is gold standard for treatment of endo but it can be done with a laser so you need to check out what your surgeon is suggesting. If they are going to just burn it off (ablation) then ask why not excision where it is cut out (albeit often with a laser). As this has more chance of it not growing back

    Keep asking questions as this group is great for support and advice.

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