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What will happen next

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So after not being under the gyne for a year and a half and my syptoms being ok they are back with avegence. I've got an appointment with the gyne on th 12th. For some reason my periods are all over the place I can not have a period for 2 months or sometimes it can be 2 weeks between my period. I'm on the cerelle pill and thought is could be this but my gp doesn't agree and thinks it my endo. My periods normally have always been regular. I've also had increased pain around ovulation to the point I've no longer been able to manage at work and I have had to be sent home which is not like me I'm a tough cookie and like to work through the pain if I don't my mood becomes effected and it gets me down. My gp also wanted to put me tramadol and I'm not a lover of strong painkillers the 30/500 cocodamol make me feel drowsy so I'm too worried to even try the tramadol. I've also had an emergency ultrasound which I'm waiting for results. I'm so worried it could be something else. Im worried about my fertility if my endo has grown back because next year me and my partner are wanting to try for a baby and I don't want to ruin his chances of being a father. There's not many questions to answer here it's more of a get it of my chest as I'm bad at bottling things up.


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