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I'm so fed up of constant pain

I had my gynae appointment and he said yeh there are what he feels like endometriosis cysts or whatever in the ouch of Douglas ? Referred for laparoscopy but it's nhs so will probably happen when I'm 80.

I'm in pain almost everyday. It's getting worse. My stomach will bloat so much and be so painful I can't stand or sit comfortably. My skin will feel likes it's been stretched to its limit. It used to be crap around ovulation and period, now it's days prior and after. I get maybe a few days of feeling ok. That's it. Everything else is pain. It hurts to have sex, it hurts to take a shit. I can't deal with this lol

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Awwwwv honey I know how your feeling. Big hugs hun. Really v hope you get your Lap soon. 💗🤗😘


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