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have i got endometriosis

hi there

im new to this so bare with me.....

for the past year my periods have got heavier and ive been exhausted wanting to sleep a lot back pain

also been to the doc about back pain which they have refered me for physio....

doc told me to just keep an eye on it.... ( i had breast cancer in 2015 and im on tamoxifen my cancer was her2 negative

er positive

pr positive)

ive been to out of hours a few times with pain in groin area, had a scan in june which shows cyst on left ovary, awaiting another scan to see if its away or got bigger etc

a few weeks ago went to gp with groin pain side pain lower back pain all on left side to be told there was blood in urine and im probably passing grit or kidney stone, given co codamol and anti flams.....also not even a scan done to prove this

was told if it happens again go to a and e to get stronger pain relief and a scan which i ended up doing yesterday as i was doubled up in pain back side and groin area but they never done scan gave me same painkillers said it wasnt a kidney stone and sent me home to get a gp appointment and a gyno app

phoned doc today to be told no emergency apps and got one for tomorrow, im now lying in pain from groin to my thigh crying in pain feeling frustrated that the nhs isnt helping me and passing me from pillar to post!

im also taking periods every two weeks, ive googled about symptoms of endometriosis and i really do think this is what i have

anyone any advise?????

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As your symptoms are worsening I would take the new NICE guidelines back to your GP ( or seek out a different one) and push for a gynae referral and investigative ultrasound.

I'm surprised you're not being listened to given your cancer history.

If that's a no go is it possible to pay to see a Consultant privately with a view to getting onto their NHS list?


thanks for getting back to me

whats the nice guidelines?

im going to push for gyno referal tomorrow

i know you would think with my history that they would at least give me a scan or something feeling so frustrated x


It's the The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care in the UK. It's just issued new guidance on Endo telling GPS to listen to women in pain. There was a fair bit of press coverage.





great thanks ill be mentioning this today x


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