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Do I have Endometriosis?


I was just wondering if anyone could help me or give advice. I was wondering if Endometriosis causes pain after eating causing the digestive system to feel weak? At the same time can it cause sweats and nausea and shortness of breath when excersising? Basically months ago I got sick but stop throwing up after a couple of days but my nausea stayed for over a month and I lost over a stone. The only thing that helped me was hot water bottle. I got tested for coeliac but it came back negative then my doctor decided I was causing it by anxiety (I actually cried cause he acted like I was making it all up and told me he doesnt want to see me again) and I had mild ibs since I've been to a therapist it only helped slightly I still get pain after eating. I have since been to see a different doctor and told them my symptoms of bleeding through my butt on my period close to fainting pain when going to the toilet on my period and pain before and after my period pelvic pain and close to fainting pain during and after sex. The doctor said it could be Endometriosis so I'm seeing a specialist in a few weeks. I was wondering whether I should tell my specialist about the digestive pain? Through experince does it sound like it could be Endometriosis? Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you I just want to know whats wrong now.

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I would definitely tell him. I don't have those symptoms but endo can be in unusual places sometimes so it's important to get checked out thoroughly. If you have bleeding from behind the I'd recommend asking your go to be referred straight to a BSGE specialist endo centre as that is the place that will need to treat your deep type of endo accordimg to the NHS treatment contract x


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Thank you so much for a reply! Theres actually a few by me so hopefully the gynaecologist will refer me there if it is Endometriosis. I hope I can get some advice soon to ease it if it is because my nausea and pain has gotta worse and I have to go on placement soon 😩

Thank you xx


Hiya it's definitely worth mentioning as if it's not endo causing the nausea they will need to get to the bottom of it. I suffer from nausea and am sick for 3-4 days every month, I had my lap a few weeks ago and have been told my pelvis is fine with no endo however I've also had an endoscopy, barium swallow and ultrasounds carried out to try find the cause of the sickness and nausea and still have no answers! Don't hold anything back, hope you get on ok!

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Thank you for replying!

Well I first went to the doctor about nausea and weight loss after blood tests and stool test the doctor came to conclusion it was anxiety causing mild ibs but I still have bad nausea and other days I can be almost pain and nausea free. If its not to do with endo I'm not sure what it could be 🤔 I hope you find out whats causing your nausea soon 😮Xx

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