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Please help!


So i had my 2nd laprascopy about 1 1/2 weeks ago for removal of endometriosis plus a hysteroscopy to check for abnormalities.

Last year they found endo in pouch of douglas and other uncertain areas. But this year, due to pill suppression, they only found and removed endo from the left uterosacral ligament (USL).

After a week I was recovering amazingly and started going out, but the day after going out I started going downhill. I'm weaker and sore and struggling to do anything. And a few days later I'm still going downhill.

Has anyone had surgery and had endo in the USL removed? Is this normal to be going so backwards after being so good?

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Hi I have had 3 laparoscopy, 1st one I was extremely poorly after and off work for months, 2nd one was better and could cope with work etc.... but started going down hill after a year, had the 3rd one early this year and it's just getting worse again! I have endo in my bowel and bladder also and they haven't done anything about it gave me all meds for ibs and chromes but doesn't help. So I think you still have endo in another place which is causing you to be unwell! As my doctors say you should be fine after the laparoscopy and I haven't been so it's obviously to me the endo in my bowel and bladder what is the problem. I would go back and tell them and get checked for an answer your happy with as it's not normal to go back down hill. Hope someone is taking care of you xxx


I had chunks of my utero sacral ligaments removed due to endo, and found i felt rough after going out and about and moving around, with very sharp pains in hips and groin. I asked GP and they said that the ligaments would take time to heal and unfortunately because that whole area is affected by movement it may be uncomfortable for longer than expected. It did calm down after a little while (couple of weeks).

My specialist said I shouldn't expect to feel even near right till the 3week mark so maybe give yourself some time to heal. It's an invasive operation and everything is going to need time.

Hope you feel a lot better soon. X


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