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White blood cells in the urine


I'm having a bit of a nightmare lately with the Drs. I over exerted myself basically and started bleeding (not my time of the month) and had this frequent need to urinate and pelvic cramping. They did some urine tests and they came back with high white blood cells, so they gave me some antibiotics assuming it was an infection. However, I have Endo and the antibiotics did nothing, one month on I'm bleeding again with pain and a frequent need to urinate and my period isn't due for another 2 weeks. They've also found white blood cells in my urine again. Has anyone else experienced this during urine testing with endo or had this weird need to pee all the time!?

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I had problems with frequency and it's what got me diagnosed. I had probable interstitial cystitis and also 2 Endo plaques on my bladder. I also think my 3 cm Recto Vaginal endo nodule was putting pressure on the bladder.

I'm 8 weeks post excision op and bladder is my big success story. Previously changing to organic lady towels and paraben and SLES free shampoo and shower gels helped reduce symptoms.


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