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Has any one been on gabapentin tablets? I have just been told to try them out as my endometriosis is pretty bad at the moment. Do they work I have been on so many tablets over the years.

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Hi There, no I haven't tried them ones. They haven't even been mentioned. I have been given Naproxen which I have been taking for about 7 days now. They do seem to work, only thing is I still get a little Pelvic pain but nowhere near as bad without them.

What are them tablets supposed to do? x

Hi, I've tried them. There's a big research trial going on currently. There is already a paper published about the pilot trial

I wasn't sure whether it made a difference to me. My pain tends to come and go anyway, so it's hard for me to tell.

Gabapentin works on nerve pain, i.e. The sharp stabbing kind of pain. It's important to take it regularly, starting with a low dose and building up to the therapeutic dose. You can go higher, if it seems to be helping. When/if you decide to stop, you need to tail it off gradually. There are some titration charts online and I followed one of those.

The introduction to this paper tells you how the drug works.

Maybe worth a try?

Thanks, that link is really helpful x

Emgriff10 in reply to Fabbird

Thank you they have been useful.

I started taking it about a month ago and it's by far the best thing I have tried so far. Mine is for vulvodynia which is probably a result of all the invasive gynae procedures I had over the years on route to an endo diagnosis 🙁. I've had no side effects from gabapentin which is a massive bonus as I've really struggled to take other things prescribed... x

Very interesting thanks for sharing. I'm suffering nerve pain pins and needles post op and nothing works currently and. I am suffering acid stomach from meds ATM. Was wondering about this if I do not improve.

Fabbird in reply to Starry

I also got no obvious side effects from gabapentin. I think it can cause nausea, but if you titrate it slowly giving you body time to adjust, that can be minimised.

You can't take it at the same time as anti-acids, for some reason. So you might want to look into that issue.

Thank you all I had my first night on them which I know it needs to get in my body which I cant wait for because I woke up in a lot of pain all morning until 12 in the afternoon.


I have been on the Ines your on and didn't help made me feel ill while also having my pains. These tablets I am on are meant to help with the pains by numbing the nerves apparently from what my doctor said. I have to try this for a fortnight of it doesn't work there is another one like it but can't remember the name.

Thank you again all. It's helped me a lot. X

Hiya I was prescribed these earlier this year and only lasted a week as I couldn't function on them. I was walking into walls and in a world of my own which my doctor said is common so if you start to feel out of it let your doctor know. I was asked to take part in the above trial but they just didn't work for me. I've heard lots of positive things though so worth giving them a try x

Thank you. I had a weird feeling last night i felt dizzy but a high dizzy.

Gabapentin only works on Females.

I tried it in the past,use to trigger off a migraine attack every time after taking one 300mg.

I have tried these in the past. Also tried pregablin which works in a similar way. They initially helped with the pain but always seemed to wear off within 6 months and was back to square dot. With both of these especially the pregablin I ended up with the horrid side effect of putting on lots of weight and blimped from clothes size from 12/14 to a size 22. Stopped taking them on a weaning plan as the weight increase made my chronic pain in my abdomen worse than ever.

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