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Whew, been a while since I last posted here. So I was struggling a lot with depression for a while there and couldn't deal with coming here, but I'm doing much better now thanks to friends and some life surprises.

My most recent problem is a very sensitive gag reflex. The nausea from the endo is bad and the never ending cough from who knows what is awful, but this gag reflex thing is the worst.

Recently got the cough checked. It's not asthma, allergies, and probably not gastric reflux either so I'm at a loss for what to do next. Bonus, I injured my chest coughing so I've been in pain for weeks now.

Period bleeding got really bad recently and my cycle got shorter. Ovulation pain nearly drove me crazy for 12 hours, but at least I am ovulating properly.

Considering surgery again, but not sure if I want to risk it.

Well this is mostly just an emotion release, more than a question really. Any advice or kind words are always appreciated though. Well thanks for reading!!

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Hi chick!

I had a weird cough thing for 3 months and was on oxygen, ventolin, antibiotics and steroids. They threw everything but the kitchen cupboard at me, it did go but the pain of coughing incessantly for months and all night almost broke me, that never connected it to endo but neither did it get cured my medication. I know exactly how you feel. Keep it together it will go and build you immune system up so that you don't get an infection on the back of it.

I thought I had a mould allergy/infection but they didn't or couldn't treat but I had the house professionally cleaned for mould and it went shortly after so who knows what the cause was.

Good luck xxx

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