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5 weeks post-diagnosis laparoscopy, back on pill, more period pain then ever before!

Hi all,

I woke up in pain this morning, more pain then I've ever felt and I need to know if anyone else has ever felt this.

I'm almost 28. I had a laparoscopy 5 weeks ago now. Endo was never suspected by the consultant and the only reason I had it was because she was able to see a small cyst on my ovary and said it was my choice whether I'd like her to remove it as it could go away by itself. My reason for even seeing the consultant in the first place was for ectropion, a little more on this below.

Thank goodness I did elect for the operation because when I came round from GA, I found out the truth and that I had quite a lot of Endo for someone my age, along with an ovary tucked out of place. Thank goodness for that little cyst. Afraid I don't know what "stage" I am terminology was never used.

My backstory - started periods at 11, over the years I vaguely remember having crampy periods here and there. They practically teach you at school it's normal to feel pain. My mum even suggested to me years ago I might have it and I tried going to the doctors back then, sent away with some kind of pain management. I don't remember severe pain back then though.

Fast forward, between 18 and 24 I was on Microgynon pretty much throughout so in hindsight, was probably doing myself a favour. After the end of a relationship at 24 I decided I didn't want to put my body on hormones anymore. so for the next 3 or so years I used an app to track my periods as they were irregular at first, over time they became irregularly regular (some months 28 days, some 31, for 3 months at a time, then in other long consecutive month blocks there might be 6 day bleeding or up to 12) . These periods, though long, were mostly light and old blood (classic endo symptom I now know) and then there would be 1-2 days very heavy clotting and some months, very painful. Again, just told by doctors, it sounded normal. Great.

As said, the only reason I sought out a gynae was due to bleeding after sex as I had cervical ectropy - which had nothing to do with my endo either of course. The ectropy was probably due to my coming off the pill so really, the random ectropy was what lead to me eventually being seen to, even though I wasn't really complaining about my weird periods because after so many professionals telling you it's "normal" you almost start to believe it is..

Anyway, today, 5 weeks post op, and currently on a pill break week, I am experiencing perhaps the most pain I can remember feeling, my period seems heavier than I remember it being when I wasn't on the pill, or was on Microgynon. I am now on Loestrin 30 by the way.

Did anyone else experience this when they went back on the pill? I wasn't expecting to feel more pain than I ever did before. Even post op I had a natural period come on early which wasn't unbearable like this.

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