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Prescribed Zapain today as I can't take much more are they good

Hi all,

Hope your well.

Back to my Gp today for another change of medication as I'm currently at my wits end.

I've been prescribed Zapain today has anyone had this before? Is it a good pain killer and also what are the side effects etc? I've felt rather nauseous all day but I'm not sure if that's the medication or because of the pain I'm in.

How long are you allowed to take Zapain for? Sorry for the questions.

Joely x

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Hi Joely, Zapain is just the brand name for Codeine/paracetamol they are a good pain killer, the only main side affect is really constipation, just make sure you have plenty of Fibre in your diet, hope this helps x

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Hi Nikki

Thanks for your reply I will make sure I maintain fibre in my diet. Just want this pain to ease a little.

Hope your ok xx

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