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Endometriosis or Not?

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Hi I'm new here...My name is Kym & I'm 39 years old, I have 2 boys 15 & 12 and apart from my current problem Me and My Husband have been trying to conceive for our third baby for 7 years but unfortunately without any success.

A few months ago I started getting strong pains in my right lower pelvic area for about 4 days AFTER my PM, I just put it down to inflammation. A few months later I experienced the most horrendous PMC I have ever had...I was in excruciating pain, I was bleeding really heavy to the point that I had to change my sanitary wear and clothing more often. If I was walking around I just had to stop in my tracks as I could feel the blood just gush away from me and it was very clotty, darkish and sometimes quite mucus like (sounds disgusting I know...my apologies). Once again I had the 4 days worth of pain on my right side, but the pain was also going down my right leg and round into my hip and lower back area and this pain was now continuing daily, not as bad as when I have my PM but a dull ache in those areas. That is when I decided I needed to see my GP. When I told my GP what had been going on he was brilliant, straight away he predicted something to do with my Ovaries, Fallopian tubes, etc..he got me booked in for all kinds of tests like bloods, ultrasound and camera. My bloods came back with raised levels of Prolactin which is a hormone your body releases usually when your pregnant or breastfeeding (which obviously I wasn't) or if really high this could effectively mean something more serious which mine thankfully wasn't. I had to repeat the blood test and once again the Prolactin levels were raised but not too much to be concerned about another GP told me, he also mentioned a possibility of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.

After I had my Ultrasound scan and camera I had a phone call a couple of days later from my GP telling me that it showed I had a small cyst on my left ovary, which didn't make sense to me as the pain was on my right side, so my GP got me booked in for an appointment with a Gynae team who took all my concerns onboard and sent me for another ultrasound and camera a few weeks later to check on the cyst, and fortunately it had gone away on its own. Brilliant stuff!..but what about the pains and the strange periods I'm still experiencing???. My periods were not as excruciating as that one I experienced, but still painful, heavy and the blood was sticky, mucus like, stringy, clotty and sometimes at the start its sticky and brown, again sounds awfully disgusting but its not what I normally experience. The Gynae team booked me in for a Laparoscopy procedure and they intended to check for Endometriosis and use a Dye to check my Fallopian tubes for any blockages as I am still struggling to conceive too.

So..I had my Laparoscopy yesterday, obviously Im feeling a bit sore and tender as to be expected and although I couldn't fault any of the staff who looked after me all day, I didn't see a Doctor or anybody experienced to give me any feedback or information afterwards. I was just told I have now got to wait 2-4 weeks to hear from my GP. Is this protocol?and does Endometriosis and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome have similarities???.

I've just got my fingers and toes crossed that hopefully they were able to recognise what is causing this pain and my infertility problems and can help me xxx #Fingerscrossed #Praying

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