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Another Doctors Appointment

The doctors must be pretty sick of seeing me there but tbh if they were more helpful first time round I wouldnt need to be there quite so often!

I saw my GP to ask whether the constant headaches and depression were normal on cerazette, to which the first thing she said was "I want to take you off Cerazette" which is unusual given the thing they normally tell you is to put up with it for 3 months first. I explained I didn't want to come off it just yet because my pain had been majorly decreased, I just wanted to know how to manage the headaches and depression, and she said she didn't want to give me antidepressants because it was probably a side effect, despite looking at the notes in front of her showing that I've been in therapy for at least 4 years because of my depression. She eventually sighed, put her head in her hands and prescribed me with a months anti depressants and told me if I'm not "better" by then, then she's taking me off them despite the pharmacist telling me it can take 4 weeks for symptoms to improve.

I was skeptical about going on antidepressants but feeling too low to want to put up with any more before returning to work, and this whole appointment has left me feeling like I'm just being pathetic or even making a bad choice. Anyone else been in a similar place?

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Sorry to hear you've had unsupportive doctor's. You are definitely not alone- before I received my diagnosis of endometriosis my GP dismissed my levels of pain and called it "tummy pain" nothing he could do! I ended up in hospital.... Luckily I have I great Fertility specialist who believed me and found and treated endometriosis we conceived but sadly lost the pregnancy my GPs response? " Oh god another miscarriage" I have only had one and I phoned him as I had severe pain. ( He was the only Dr Available)

But my other doctors are great and all the staff at the practice are really nice and supportive. So what I'm trying to say is are there any other doctors at your practice you could see instead? Sometimes it's best to cut ties with a doctor then keep seeing one that isn't listening or taking you seriously. Fresh eyes might be the best way forward. Perhaps take a witness with you to support you 😁

I think it's disgusting that this Dr has treated you like this when you've openly and bravely admitted you suffer from depression. You should be fully supported and not made to feel bad about having an illness you have no control over. I'm fuming on your behalf!

Anyway all the best with your I hope it goes better xoxoc


Thank you chick, sorry you've had to experience this too! I'm seeing a different doctor when I go back next time, and I've been referred to a different gynaeo team in October so fingers crossed! x

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