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Another smear test !!!

I have been to my hospital appointment . The registrar was awful another one ... She was very abrupt and not listening to anything I said . I have just been transferred back and she forced me to have a smear test despite having one less than 6 months ago in another hospital . She didn't look at my scan which shows two cysts... Then tried to force the mirena coil down my throat and after a while I told her don't push that down my throat I already told you I did not want it . she then went to fetch the consultant who is referring me to my old consultant. I did more than 80 there and back and what seems a waste of time !

I am now in lots of pain due to smear test ... And the worse thing is I even apologised to the registrar for refusing the mirena ...

I had a dreadful weeks and a lot has got downhill ...

Thank you for reading

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Maeline thats awful that u were pushed in to that. If u feel pressured then i would put in a complaint as no woman should feel like that. My consultant is a specialist and hes really good but he's bn very pushy with the hormone treatment which i understand i need but i will do it in my time. My doc is sending him a letter to say i will not do it until im emotionally ready :). I would contact ur gp and explain whats happened as u should not feel so bad leaving an app. and u should not be saying sorry to any of them. Its not ur fault. Hope ur ok and pm me in u need to chat xxx


Thank you . I didnt have a good week and even I did not expect anything at all just a bit of humanity would have been nice. 80 miles I got up at 6 am and left at 6.45 to get to that appointment xx


That`s sound terible , not all doctors like that. So sorry to hear about it all.

My ex doctor also suggested mirena coil. No thankes and I personally don`t take anything att all , and my endo stayed in the same level 3 endo , and follopian tubes no dameged , so hormones not the fact that work. More than that it is proven now that they couse breast councer (((

Wish u better , Got bless.


I started with mine aged 23 and had the mirena for pain - a godsend really, it is proven to be the best 'symptom management' and I would recommend it but that's a personal choice. I have also tried hormone treatment and as my endo ruptured my appendix I tried anything and everything, for all it made the pain better emotionally I was a wreck and was sick every day, you should give things a go if it suits you but would definitely recommend the mirena as a starting point and it reduces periods too - win win situation.

Take care and if I can help further let me know x


Thank you . I had hormonal treatment before and I haven't been on any since 2010 . My mum died of cancer due to hrt . So, hormonal treatment does not seem right to me with having cysts and backache . If I knew they will take it off if there is a problem but I have waited more than 9 months before to have a Lap by that time I could not sleep due to extreme pain and 3 different painkillers taken alternately .


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