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Anyone had ventro suspension?

Hi everyone following my negative laparoscopy last month i've finally got a letter about my op and next appointment.

I've had every single endo symptom since age 13, now 21. I just can't see what else it can be causing all the pain/bleeding/painful sex/back pain etc.

Now this is where i'm getting confused, on my original discharge letter from the hospital and now again on my letter I just received, they only seem to be noting that I had the lap for dyspareunia and not anything to do with any of my other symptoms which surely is more important, the fact i'm in chronic pain and bleeding for no reason all the time? Just find it strange. They said on both letters about finding everything normal apart from retroverted uterus which probably is the cause of my pain, although they also said and i've spoken to other medical professionals that retroverted uterus is very common and causes little problems, so perhaps yeah that could be an element for causing the dyspareunia but what about everything else why are they ignoring that?!

Anyway my consultant mentioned to me and has put on the letter that if my mirena coil basically doesn't magically sort all my problems then I can perhaps go for ventro suspension but that it doesn't guarantee success.

Has anyone ever had ventro suspension? Am struggling to find much on it to be honest especially any experiences! Will it help the dyspareunia? Will it help anything? What's the op and recovery like? Or is it just a waste of time?

Would be interested to also hear anyone's negative laparoscopy stories and what you did next?

Thanks x

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