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Lump under skin - help

Right so, little worried I gotta admit. I had my laparoscopy last Wednesday (so just over a week ago), no complications. I've been trying to move around - not to my usual level, I'm taking it easier - but still, I thought I was recovering really well! I think I jinxed it... Of the incisions I've had, 1 on my left looks good. The problem I have is the one in my belly button, which also did look good until 2 or 3 days ago. I have this little bump under my belly button that has formed now. It's nothing sizeable, you can just see the skin raised - not much though (you'd have to be looking!) The skin itself looks pretty normal and the scar looks clean and like it's healing well, but the lump is kinda hard and tender to touch. It just seems odd as my other scar, there is no lump. Maybe it's like scar tissue or something because of where the incision was? I don't know. All I do know is I did that silly thing where I typed what was wrong into Google (please don't judge me) and it talks about infections and haematomas and things that sound similar to haematomas... Getting a bit panicky as I'm supposed to be going back to work shortly. Any help or advice would be appreciated :) thank you.

P. S on a personal note, thank you all for being my hope through this past few weeks. I wish I could have done this 10 years ago when I first started suffering with it!

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I really wouldn't worry, almost a week after my laparoscopy the exact same thing happened to me. Starting with a small pea sized lump to the right of my belly button incision but not actually in the incision in my stomach, hard and pea sized and slightly tender. It did start to get a lot more painful actually and I went to the GP to get it checked. She said just scar tissue and it usually doesn't hurt so much which was maybe a bit concerning but to keep an eye on it for any changes (redness/pus/change in size/feeling unwell) and to go back if i felt any of these symptoms but hopefully it will start to go down in about a week.

A few days later I got more painful lumps one under my left incision and one actually in the belly button, the belly button one did give me some pain for a couple days but I had just gone back to work so that didn't help. A couple of days later though and also the other two starting to go down, everything felt much better and now they've all gone completely (about 3 weeks post surgery).

I know it's easy to panic i even called 111 and felt breathless for a few days which my GP said was just the panic, your brain is a terrible thing sometimes!

But I imagine yours is exactly the same as me as it sounds like it, so take it easy and don't touch it too much, should go down by itself in the next few days X

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I had a giant lump under my left incision - the size of a large sausage and super hard like a rock. Also had a big sloshy area like a water balloon behind that. It was making it really painful to walk and eat because of the pressure.

Went to my GP and he explained it was just congealed blood behind the incision that would liquefy and break down in time (hence the sloshy bit) but might linger for up to a month. It's still there but is much smaller and more comfortable now. He signed me off for another week as well :)

Go to your GP if you're worried or need a bit more time.


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