Anyone get PIP?

So, ive had symptoms of endo for years but only been diagnosed 2 years. My symptoms where never 'painful periods' or 1 week of the month. It come to ahead 2 years ago when a ruptured cyst caused PID which has taken my pain from almost all the time to all the bleeding time. From mainly back pain to back and abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis of the ovaries, fallopians, sigmoid colon and bladder. Had major surgery in december and was disappointed to find out not only did it fail, it made me worse. I have tried Zoladex twice, mini pill and combined. My constipation is so severe ive had 5 impactions this year! I suffer from feacal incontinence! I have made the phonecall to DWP today for PIP. Has anyone got any advice?

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You should apply and see what happens, but write your symptoms as your worst day possible...Iv applied about two weeks ago and can take up to 6weeks to hear back from's worth a try... you can ring them up and they will ask you a few questions and send you a form to fill out and send off by a date.

Emma xox

Hi. Thanks for your reply. And first of all, good luck with your claim, i hope you get it. Thats my line of thought. I have phoned today and theyre sending forms out! I see my gynea next month to discuss further surgery! Tbh i dont really have good days anymore. If it aint pain its fatigue. Im currently working part-time but struggling with that and had a major over-haul in life! I was left homeless by DWP last december, when i was found fit for work a week before my major surgery and signed off esa, then was told i couldnt claim job seekers cuz major surgery meant i was unfit for work. I moved in with my then newish partner who earned over threshold so i couldnt claim anything and had to rush back to work. Ive gone into retail, not because i wanted too, but because beggars couldnt be choosers. I really, really struggle but i push through it! Got made homeless on Sunday for asking for a brew after work? Not lying. Now im working part time, cant claim any benefits and homeless. Right mess! This is my only hope! But i dont have much luck with DWP! Sorry for ranting! Talk about being in a mess! Ringing Dr tomorrow to get as much evidence as i can! Xx

Message me whenever for a rant...if you go to your gp and asked to be signed off of work you'll get sick pay witch is about £400 ish a month(don't hold me to it) I work with autism and have been signed off work since April last year as I can not look after someone else when I struggle to look after someone else. Explain to your gp that standing for long periods of time is making your pain worse and anything else you getting if you having down days etc... that can sign you off work until your ready to go back. I know it isn't much money but once your in sick pay you pay get other help from council. I'm sorry you've gone though all this. I also have no good days, in constant pain and barely sleeping. Messaging me whatever time and night xx

The thing is, im scared of going the DWP root. My GP signed me off for depression/severe endo last time when DWP found me fit for work! I currently earn more working than i would on dole. And although i struggle, i really cant stand for work, but have a boss whos understanding as she had endo, so really helps me out! So dont want to quit my job as it was so hard to get in first place! I was a carer for my dad for 13 years up until he died april 2016, then i signed straight on sick til december. Took 3 months volunteering and 5 months in total to get this job! Not lying, no one would employ me! If i quit this now, my chance of future employment would be 0 and well if PIP turn me down then im even more screwed! Xx

That's so sad that your going though this, when there's people out they're getting help when they don't even need it. There must be something you can claim to help you out xx

I have no children so need to work 25 hours for tax credits. I work on average about 18, so too much for JSA! I thought about tax cred disability but you had to have been on ESA in last 6 months. Im out by about 2 months. Ive a real busy week at work this week, but next week i will be more free so might go jobcentre and council and see if/what help i can get! Xx

Hi, may I make a suggestion, go to your local citizens advice bureau and tell them everything and ask for help with the forms when you get them, if you get sent for a medical please send me a message, I have something that will help get through it ok x

Hi thank you for your reply. I will definitely do that! And i will message you! Xx

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