Evre day pain

Hi there ,

Long story short, from the age of 14 I've been taking mix typesof contraseptives to stimulate my bleeding. I've change from 2 diffrent types of pills then I had patches then copper coil. Hormonal co traseptive was messing with my moods and also I've been having abdo pains ... copper coil wąż very painfulso I've decided to remove it. It was referring when I was bleeding but I knew that's not my natural period . One day after constant a do pains sweats and mood swings I decided to clear up my body and wait for a natural period.

Unfortunately I've been going through a battery for the last 3 months . My pain was changing coming and going sharp and cramp but I could always feel it . For the past month the pain is constant I've been using tens machine warm bottle's and baths also diffrent painkillers from my gp but nothing work longer then 2h . I've been off from work for about 2 months now and it's frustrating that after seeing gynaecologist my body is still in pain they proscribed me cocyprindiol and said that I have to take this for 6 months then if this doesn't work they will think about other alternatives.

School holidays are finished and ando I'm desperate to get back to work butogether at the moment all I can think is how to comfort myself .

The gp is keep sending me with stupid painkillers that doesn't work , my quality of life if low I can't do basic things .

Any suggestions ? Laeparoscopy is not an option for my gp because she want me to be on this tablets for 6 months........

Not have any type of bleedingredients for a very long time since I've stop hormons

Please does anyone have a clue what is happening with me ? How to push my gp to more effective movements


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