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Other endo symptoms

Hi ladies,

I am relatively new to the endo world, I was diagnosed with PCOS about 12 years ago and in these last 2-3 years really struggled with bowel probs when on a period which soon developed into probs passing urine when I'm on a period. I after googling I felt it was endo symptoms I was experiencing. I saw a gp who agreed (shocked face) and to cut a long story short Im waiting for a laparoscopy.

My main symptoms are painful trapped wind, trouble with bowels and passing urine when I'm on a period.

BUT can I ask if anyone has any other symptoms while not on period?

I'm struggling this month (I seem to have a bad 3rd cycle where symptoms are at their worse and the pain in bad) with pelvic pain, painful hips and groin. Heightened anxiety and a gloopy clear jelly discharge ( not during ovulation time)

Does anyone else have a bad cycle within your cycles and other symptoms.

I feel like I could sleep on a washing line Im so tired...

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