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Mefenamic Acid & Tranexamic Acid advice

Hi ladies,

After being diagnosed endo last year, and after being back to my gynae last week, he has advised me to take mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid when on my period and although the bleeding is considerabley less than usual, the pain hasn't changed at all if anything it has got worse!

Does this mean my pain isn't gynea related?

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No, it does not mean the pain isn't gynae related. Tranexamic acid is used to reduce bleeding. It's not for pain relief. Mefenamic acid can offer pain relief (it's an NSAID like ibuprofen which acts on the uterus) but isn't always enough for endo pain on its own. Before my surgeries I was combining it with diclofenac suppositories, codeine and paracetamol which together with the hormone treatments I was on would reduce the pain enough that I wouldn't have to go to A&E for morphine. Although mefenamic acid seems to be the go to for GPs when you tell them you've got period pain it's only works for relatively mild pain.


Thanks joreilly, I've never been offered it before and wasn't entirely certain on how it would help with the pain or not x


Hi there. Yeh the transexamic acid is for helping with the flow of period, not the pain. The mefenemic acid works better when taken with paracetamol at the same time and either with food or after food. So I would suggest trying that and see if any better. But even then, esp if real bad flare up, it sometimes only dulls the pain a little. I find it better than nothing and wish could take it every day! Shame not allowed to. Hope you find some relief soon x


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