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Babies everywhere


My endo isn't severe, but since my diagnosis it feels as if a huge question mark has been placed over my fertility. I'm reaching an age now where my Facebook is starting to fill up with scan pictures and baby bumps, and although I'm not mentally or financial in 'the right place' to have a child yet, it still sucks to watch.

Never in a million years did I ever think baby pictures on Facebook would effect me at all.

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My advice to you would be if that is affecting you so much you must really want it, as your endo is not that bad yet no matter we're you think you are in life I would not wait and start trying asap, I have been trying for over 6yrs and my endo is server I am at stage 4 and it is causing nothing but problems for me to get pregnant and there is a possibility it will never happen, I would be deverstated if it does not happen for me as kids are my my one goal in life x

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I'm sorry to hear that <3 I'm only 22 and still at uni, so I can't support a child as of yet but I plan on trying as soon as I can. I feel with endo that's it's only a matter of time before it gets worse X

Oww, big hugs! I work in a hospital and I swear there must be baby clinics all the time at the moment as there are babies and pregnant women EVERYWHERE! I think as soon as you get into that train of thought you notice it more. Facebook is the worst if you are worried about anything! if you haven't been on holiday in a while... everyone is travelling. If you are unhappy at work.... everyone is getting promotions. If you have a bad patch with your partner... everyone is getting engaged. And babies everywhere! I have cried at baby scans many many times, and its not even a jealousy its just the question mark in my mind getting bigger and bigger. If you ever need to talk you can always drop me a message, I think we are in the same boat! I hope you feel better soon, have you spoken to your gynae specialist about fertility? I had a scan recently and discovered I have a heart shaped uterus! So if I do have babies they will be in a love nest lol!! But no idea if that will happen or not. Big hugs, I know it's hard xxx


i feel you, I'm 20 and people keep saying 'oh well you might decide later on you don't want kids' like no thanks, I've known for ever and not knowing if it will happen makes it so much worse. I'm making sure I do all I can to help 'preserve' fertility which I know may seem a little pointless but it helps put my mind at ease now that I'm doing all I can for the future, which takes some of the stress off x

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I try to do the same tbh, but sometimes I get lazy and then the guilt 'im a terrible person for eating this big mac, how selfish of me to not consider my unborn child' haha. The other thing is, being in your early twenties makes it really difficult to settle down these days, evrything in life happens so late now x

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I got engaged at 18 and we lost pretty much everyone bc people didn't understand it, it's so frustrating when you know what you want! And yeah, just try not to get guilty bc the type of food doesn't really matter in the long run, no point living a life in guilt, especially if you're not sure the thing you're guilty about will even happen haha x

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