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Bit of advice needed

Hello ladies

So I've made a few inquiries to private consultants on prices and found one I'd be able to afford. What I need advice on though is does anyone know if I can go to see the private gyne and get him to do me a letter to my regular gyne as to what treatment plan I should be on?

I've recently found out that the gyne I'm under is a urogynaecologist, am I right in thinking hes probably not the best doc to be under for suspected endo?

All he's tried so far with me is asking if I've had ultrasounds (he hasn't seen any results from these as they wasnt on my notes) and telling me the coil would be the best thing for me but I had to have it out after just 3 months as I was constantly bleeding and in total agony 24/7. He's now said he wants me to just go for a year and see how the pain goes and lose weight. At this moment in time though I can't cope. I'm in constant pain again and the only thing that is taking the edge off is tramadol but that's making me like a zombie and unable to look after my kids.

So if anyone has got any advice on how they would go forward in my situation, I'd be very grateful x

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You need find a consultant on the BSGE centre list for consultation. Maybe after the consultation you can ask to be out on his/ her NHS list for treatment.

Don't just go for any private gynaecologist.


Hi, as Stella says you need to get referred to an endo specialist. They are all listed on the BSGE website


If your GP can do an NHS referral to your local specialist centre, you will soon find out how long the wait will be. If it's more than you can bear, then of course consider your options, but I'd suggest still looking for a specialist who is named on the BSGE website. Otherwise you are not likely to be in a much better situation.

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