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Query Endometriosis

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has had the same experience or can give some much needed advise!

I have suffered a long time with my painful periods since they started, I'm 23 now and have had the Marina coil since February 2016. I've been getting awful pains like period pains but they travel up into my hip bone and kidney area, sometimes worse on one side, these pains last for two weeks, I then get 2 blissful pain free weeks before I flare up again with the pains.

Been to see my nurse today who has advised that I get the coil taken out to see if this eases the pain, but its not a guarantee. If after I have this taken out the pain persists they are going to send me for ultrasounds to make sure there is nothing underlying going on.

The pain is so bad that my bones hurt, my thighs turn to jelly, I cannot do anything. yesterday my pain started at 1.30 pm and didn't ease until 10.30pm that night, this was after numerous doses of Codeine, gabapentin and paracetamol.

From any of your experience does this sound like the queried endometriosis that I am thinking?

Thank you all xoxo

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hi rachel. it sounds like you've been having a terrible time of it. so you had the mirena over a year ago? i only had it in a week ago but can sympathise with your leg pain because I've been experiencing that too. almost like you've ran a marathon and losing your muscle usage? i get it in my arms , shoulders and back too. I think these could just be side effects of the mirena however have you decided to have it taken out ? A year is a long time to ride out such pain so good on you for doing that!!

You should def push your G.P for a hospital appt in gynae for them to investigate further!

good luck x


Thank you for your reply, it's nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. (well it is bad that we're all experiencing this) had a very bad night of it yesterday afternoon continuing onto the evening, started niggling at 1.30 and didn't settle down until 10:30!! :(

today just feels like one big struggle to do anything! One step in front of the other is one hobble to another today!

I've been given six months supply of the Pill and am having my coil out on the 7th August, if the pain doesn't then go away she's going to send me for ultrasounds. had swabs done yesterday so that may show something.

Just want to get back to feeling normal and not impacting on my work this much!

Hope you are ok.



Hi, I'd be surprised if the Mirena was causing this kind of pain a year in. I agree with Wolvesfan that you need a specialist referral for some investigations. An ultrasound won't show endo.


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