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Should I still be in pain?


I had a laparoscopy a few years ago and had superficial endometriosis lasered out. Then I had another laparoscopy nearly 2 weeks ago where I had deeply infiltrating endometriosis over both side walls and in the pouch of Douglas. It was excised and I had a rectovaginal shave and uretylosis on both sides. I'm still in quite a bit of pain and I'm just wondering if that's normal. Last time I had recovered in 2 weeks but I'm assuming severe endometriosis removal takes longer to recover from?

Thanks! x

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I think it would be very normal to have a longer recovery from your most recent lap than your first. I had two similar sounding laps but there was more work done during the first (both were excision) and I recovered more easily from the second.

If you are concerned please speak to your doctor but 2 weeks is not very long after the lap you've had this time to feel recovered xxx


Thank you for the reassurance! I thought as much but it's so frustrating when you feel like you aren't getting any better! X


I felt like this about 2 weeks after my first lap, ended up in tears one day because I felt I wasn't making progress quickly enough. But 2 weeks isn't long after this type of surgery. Try to take your time with it but see your doctor if you're concerned. Xxx


Thank you! I had a moment like that a few days ago. Everyone who has visited me has said how well I look but I guess the pain is invisible to them! I'm trying to be a bit kinder to myself and not push myself too much xxx


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