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Tummy pain every morning, terrible cramps after sex. Help please!!

Hi everyone, I've just decided to join this forum as I want to understand my symptoms and no doctor seems to understand what is going on! I would be so excited to find someone going through the same things!

So for the past 4 or so years I have been waking up early in the morning with stomach cramps that make it too uncomfortable to lie down so I have to sleep from 6.30 each morning sitting up. Then about 3 years ago I started having problems in my sex life - often (about 60 % of the time) a minute or so after orgasm, my body would start to clench up, I would feel dizzy and sick, and have to leave to go to the bathroom for 20-30 until the pain subsided. I was never actually sick but felt on the brink each time and would sit over the toilet bowl. I don't know if it was gas related as usually after I passed wind I felt better. It felt like a sever spasm or cramp. I booked a Dr appointment and before I saw the dr it stopped. Haven't had it since. Went to Dr anyway and ended up having the endo laporoscopy and I had some endo lasered off. Didn't really change much as the pain after sex had already stopped and the pain in the morning still carried on. Recently I decided to give up dairy and cut down wheat and it's got even worse, as if now eating dairy really effects me because I'm less tolerant or something. It feels bad throughout the day too, like constant bloating & gas. After a large meal I look 4 months pregnant and have to wear baggy clothes. And I'm usually a skinny person, size 6/8. I read somewhere that endo bloat is worse than normal because your gas is pushing against the eggs that have escaped which causes pain. Any ideas or shared symptoms would be so appreciated as I just don't know what is going on !! Thanks guys


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Was your laparoscopy three years ago? Have you had any treatment to try to prevent your endo reoccurring?

Was your laparoscopy done at a BSGE specialist endometriosis centre?



It was about 3.5 years ago. No , I was told to take the pill for months at a time but I don't really like doing that. No I don't think so, it was just done at a hospital in Nottingham...

Thanks for replying



It's possible your endometriosis has returned, from the symptoms you are describing. It would be best to get referred to a BSGE endometriosis centre if you can, there is a list of the specialist centres on the BSGE website. Xxx


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