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Endo/PCOS Help!

I was diagnosed with pcos around 2 years ago. The past two weeks I have been in alot of pain! Resulting in passing out, weak, alot of tummy stabbing pains, groin pain, lower back pain, headaches, leg pain, vomiting and alot of nausea. I suffer normally with bad periods. I am on microgynon and when i take my pill break i dont get a period for about 5 days by that time its near time to re start my packet. My period can last up to a week or two. I have ended up in a&e twice last week who sent off for me

to have an emergency scan done which i get in august. When i feel and push in with my hand on my lower tummy i can feel like lumps or something. When i google my symtoms it keeps coming up endo. I have spoken to my gp today who has said we have to get the scan first and if endo we will go from there. until then i remain in pain constant and havs to take painkillers and anti sickness tabs. has any one else got these symtoms. im at a loss and i just feel awful altogether. thanks

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I really understand how you're feeling. Most stages of endo can't be seen on scans and you'd need a laparoscopy to properly diagnose but they have to do scan first to "follow protocol". I'd ask to have a lap aswell if i were in your shoes. I hope your pain eases off soon xx


thank you so much xx it is so so frustrating xo


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