Maybe Endo?

I've been dealing with Pelvic pain for a while. At first they thought it was PID but test came back negative. The pain was always off and on. Now it's on full effect. It's on both sides, on my lower back, down my my hips and at times I can feel it down my legs to my feet. It's mainly before and after my period. Along with brown discharge when wiping. My period used to last 7 days and be heavy now it'll last three. As a teenager I used to get bad cramps and heavy flow. I also have unwanted hair on my face, chin, neck, chest, breast around my nibbles and down my stomach like a happy trail for a man.

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The unwanted hair sounds like a symptom of PCOS! Has this ever been mentioned? I don't know much about it, a few of my friends suffer with it! Xx

I've heard about it with PCOS

Extra hair sounds like PCOS I have it as well as the Endometriosis and Adenomiosis

I feel like I have PCOS and Endo. What were your symptoms?

There is lots of different symptoms, it's varies from person to person, you will be better doing a google search on both and going through all of them, write down what you have from them and then you have something to take with you when you go and see ur dr, you can discuss them

You sound like a pcos sufferer all the unwanted hair blah blah it is sign of that .

I would get to doctors . I had it and was put on jasmin, sorted me out for about 10 years till i was taken of as i happened to mention i had a headache? I had a stressful job what did they expect.

Now on nothing, my pcos has gone as it comes and goes in cycles of 7 years but i still suffer mental periods

Thank you. I'll definitely have them check for PCOS.

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