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My wifes Endometriosis


Good Evening,

Im looking for some support for my wife and myself to start dealing with endom as its ripping us apart.

A bit about us my wife was diagnosed with a laporoscopy last year after 4 years of horrendous migraines after our first child. We went through a miscarriage and then quickly realised there was something else causing all the pain. Luckily after the procedure we were blessed with our second daughter in april but since then the pain has been relentless and unbearable for her which is very hard to see.

Any support would be much appreciated

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First let me say that I think you are a wonderful man that you posted a request for help here!!

And congratulations with two wonderful daughters!!

I am so sorry what you as a family must go through and I don't know what to advice just that please don't worry that you are not helping her enough. Endo is a huge burden on the whole family.

Please go to a BSGE center with your wife.

I hope you keep managing the situation and will see light in the endo darkness soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Thank you for your reply it means a lot.

I my self am a recovered alcoholic so understand the struggles of the mental side of this illness. The issue we seem to have is that painkillers of the sort can cause incredible migraines where she is just unable to care for a budding 5 year old and an uncomfortable 3 month old and of course completely unable to work. This in turn makes myself have to work two jobs to get by but of course have to regularly drop everything to get home and take over when they hit. If its not the migraines it's panic attacks and if it's not panic attacks it's just all over pain and what seems like a constant period.

The web is a minefield of contradictions as it's such an individualized condition but I just don't have a bottomless wallet to support gimmick treatments.

I just don't know anymore


joreilly in reply to burwa666

There is decent treatment available on the NHS. The issue is accessing it, as a lot of GP's aren't as knowledgeable as they should be. Has she been back to the GP to see if there are different pain meds that might help?

The list of specialist endo centres is here:

Most of these are NHS and a GP can refer your wife to one. They offer a more specialised surgery and have more understanding of the assorted drug treatments available to us.

Please tell her to keep pushing the GP until she finds something that helps. It is possible to live with the disease and have an acceptable quality of life.

silversun in reply to burwa666

Dear Adam

I have endo affecting my sciatic nerve but also suffered very badly from migraines after the birth of my two children who are now 10 and 13. It was very difficult and your post brings back painful memories. All the posts you have received give great advice, you have to try every angle. I went to the national migraine centre in london which is a great organisation. One thing that caught my attention was the migraine and panic attack. Magnesium plays an important role in managing migraines and calms the nervous system. It must be taken along with calcium. Looking back I think I was unaware that I had endo when my children were young. The effect of post pregnancy hormone changes and probably nutrient deficiencies really affected me. To finish I am 48 and have been treated with zoladex for 6 months. The zoladex has resolved the migraines for me. Other pain relief that helped pre zoladex where soluable aspirin 3 tablets, and frovatriptan.

Best wishes

Hi, I am sure your wife is hugely appreciative of your support. X don't forget to get support for yourself too.

Many analgesia can actually intensify pain if used long term so could be worsening the problem. it may be worth exploring avenues like tens, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. There are specialist chronic pain mamagement hospital clinics you can be referred to by your GP or consultant if what you've tried has stopped working do go back and ask for help.

Some stuff for partners.

Hi it's so lovely when the men get involved and try their best to support us. All I'm going to say is try serrepeptase it's been my miracle and I ditched all the pain killers I was using daily and only used a couple over my period. It helps loads also look up maca it helps balance hormones and helps with energy packed with vitamins and nutrients. Pain killers never helped me just caused more problems now these too things altering my diet has helped me loads. So much so iv been able to conceive after being diagnosed with secondary infertility. I hope this helps you and your lovely family

All the best

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