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Endometric Cyst

i have a 5 cm of endo on my left ovary , i have a lot of pain and sometimes cant feel the left leg, and sometimes i get so tired that i cant think proper. My doctor said to take pills for 3 months (hormonal pills ,contraceptives) and than if i still have it ,he suggested laperoscopy(but operation and this laperoscopy is possible to damage the ovaries) .These last few days during and after my period i feel worse and the low left abdomen feels numb.I am a runner ,my doc said its okay to run , but it hurts after and makes me feel extremly tired . Does anyone has this kinds of symptoms .Help me please .Here is a photo of my ultrasound. Sorry about my english

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I have a similar sized cyst on my right ovary and i frequently get numbness in the top of my left leg. I have stage 4 endo though and have a lot of adhesions between my uterus and colon which i have heard can cause the same thing.

I would take the advice of the doctor and do what you can. If you feel its too much maybe stop for a while and rest. Your body will tell you what you can and can't do better than anyone else.

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I also had the exact symptoms that you stated.Listen and follow the doctors' advice. It is going to be good,trust me.I am good now,it has been 4 months after laproscopy.

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Hi. I have the same large left endometrioma (cyst on ovary) and I found out yesterday that since November has grown from 4cm to 6.4cm... :/ My symptoms have also worsen in the last couple of weeks! I now have: left thigh & groin pains, lower abdominal pain, left ovary pain, feeling nauseous, dizzy/faint and extremely tired. I can hardly walk fast this week as my ovary hurts a lot and can feel a lot of pressure on abdomen. I also need to wee all the time and need to often run to the loo after drinking even a sip of water etc. Otherwise my cyst will hurt even more and my bladder gets full super quick! It’s a nightmare and all happened so suddenly in 2 weeks!

I’m seeing my Gynaecologist next Wed and will probably agree for the date of my Laparoscopy. I’m very scared about it and about the recovery time. I am not sure that I should do vigorous/jumping exercise as the last time I did this my pains got worse and felt faint and so tired even more than before. I might stick to Pilates for now and just walking on threadmill. I love Aqua aerobics but the jumping around hasn’t helped :/

Best of luck & take care. Do keep an eye on that cyst as mine has grown suddenly larger.. xx


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