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Hi. I have received a letter from gynae explaining about things that are wrong with me can anyone help to explain it to me pls. I know what adhesions are.

Severe bowel adhesions to the anterior abdominal wall and mainlyon the left side.

The bowel was adherent to the pelvic walls and pouch of douglas and ovaries cannot be visualised.

Areas of endometriosis were noted.

Thanks for reading xx

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May I suggest you call your consultant's secretary and book a call for your consultant to explain it to you?

At least then if you have any other questions, they can answer them for you.

There are also usually nurse practitioners that can help too 😊


It seems you're bowel is stuck to your pelvic wall - described as abdominal and pelvic. Your pouch of Douglas is like a sack that holds all your reproductive organs. If ovaries can't be seen could be endo sticking them to other organs.

As suggested try to talk to your consultant or specialist nurse.

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