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Everything making sense!

New here. I am a 36 1yr old married with 2 kids (8 And 5).

About 7 yrs ago I was having ongoing problems with heavy cycles with huge clots, tired, and tremendous amount of pain after my son was born ...emergency c-section. Then my symptoms disappeared when I carried my 2nd baby...again, c-section. Months later after healing was through, I was back to pain and heavy cycles. I was told that this was normal after kids and that I was over-reacting. So I thought it was in my head. I tried 2 yrs of Birth control pills, which did not help, then they suggested the nuva ring, didn't work. So I gave up.

Fast forward to last yr. I ended up with neurological symptoms that seems to be, too this day, a mystery. Vertigo, seisures, night sweats, muscle pain and spasms. They thought I had MS for a while but MRI came back normal.

I had a Merina placed in 7 Months ago because they found out I had dysplasia and Adenomyosis. I was myself for 5 Months until it hit me again but worse than the past yrs. My flow is normal thank goodness! But after yrs. of IBS-c And d I had to get a colonoscopy which showed a normal colon.

I felt crazy, and the doctors made me feel bad as well.

So after all of this I said enough is enough!

My obgyn was the only doctor that listened to me. She suggested that I be put on Lupton shot for 3 mths. To shut everything down and if it works then My doctor will know it is OBGYN related. But if I continue with pain I will be referred to GI clinic. So I got the shot of Lupron. Hell yea... bring on the menopause!

Anyone else have Lupron shot for endo?

I just want this pain to end!!!

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Yes I had 7 lupron injections then called prostap. I am disabled now because of it. I can't say any more or endometriosis uk will tell me off. Look for me on Facebook my full name is Cheryl newton ok #lupronvictims


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