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Newbie - recent unexpected diagnosis!

Hi everyone, I've already learnt a lot from this site that I had no idea about! Had problems with pain and heavy bleeding for years at least 10, but last few years have been awful, periods felt like labour and couldn't leave the house for 2 or 3 days every month due to amount of bleeding. Docs gave me Tranexamic Acid, then added Mefenamic Acid but they didn't really help much so finally had an ultrasound which just showed fibroids. I was referred to a gynaecologist and ended up eventually with being booked in for a total abdominal hysterectomy as one fibroid was too big to be removed any other way. During surgery however, they also found a polyp, a cyst on one ovary, adenomyosis, several fibroids and severe endometriosis most of which was a surprise to myself and consultant as only fibroids showed on ultrasound. Had a partial hysterectomy, cervix left as stuck to bowel and one ovary and tube removed. Now the decision is what to do about the endo that is left, I am 48 and not yet showing signs of menopause so the option offered is Zoladex injections to hopefully stop it progressing until the menopause kicks in! Would be good to hear from anyone who has also taken this route and what the side effects were like and if it worked! My head is spinning at the minute as I expected a hysterectomy to be an end to everything!! xxx

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Forgot to say, also had a hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy after ultrasound which again only confirmed fibroids and a polyp nothing else. xx


I know this is not much help but I recently had a hysterectomy as well as radical excision of endo. My ovaries were left but everything was removed including the cervix. Did ask my consultant about leaving the cervix, he said that if you have endo then leaving the cervix would cause pain. Mine was done at BSGE accredited centre.


Hi, thanks for reply, my consultant had to make the decision in the middle of the op and she said she would have had to do a bowel resection and give me a colostomy bag for a few months to remove the cervix aswell so wasn't a decision she could make. Im hoping the injections will work well enough to control the pain instead. What is a BSGE accredited centre?


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