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Hysterectomy no endo just small fibroid found

Had hysterectomy in the past told I have post ablation syndrome so womb swolllen and sore and after a lap when superficial endo was removed from areas a year ago and a 12 week size womb so not crazy big but told it's sore and swollen and pushing on bowel and bladder.

So had full hysterectomy last week at different hospital to original diagnosis because bgse gyne who told me all this on permanent sick presently op was done by bgse gyne woke up to be told no endo and everything normal with womb and ovaries just a small fibroid, I am gutted I am awaiting womb results sent off but on original discharge says everything normal no endo seen . Just small fibroid I've had years.

Bowel and bladder really bad with post op gas anyway and in a lot of pain but feel I've had a hysterectomy for nothing 😔 As if all normal how's that gonna change anything sister on ward just told me as this has ruled out gyne problems to ask GP for colonoscopy which I was meant to have before hysterectomy anyway but referralmessed up 😪Will see when I get results back too has anyone else had this happen told nothing wrong after op then something come back in results?

I feel really stupid I didn't ask for more tests but I was in so much pain but bowel and bladder pain which I though was caused by adenomyosis and ablation ,just though they wouldn't do a hysterectomy unless they were. sure they must know what they're doing...........

Sent home after one night told I could stay in a second but then discharged by a brutal dr just with ibroprofen and paracetamol who acted surprised I still in pain day after op when drain still in . Came home with stomach bug picked up from hospital and no hormone replacement told I would have something after in med bag now told to see GP but gotta get there first 😖 May ring them today , having endless hot flushes keeping on top of washing and cleaning is a nightmare I one week on 😖😖😖

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Oh dear. So sorry you are suffering. You really need to rest after a hyster and shouldn't be doing any housework. I live alone so had to get in friends and family and even paid help to get me through my first theee months.

It is possible endo was missed at op so you may need to push hard to get back to a bsge clinic. Mine was all left behind after hyster so kept growing and causing awful pain and problems.

Adenomyosis where endos affected the womb is hard to see so that would need a lab test to confirm so that is still possibly what was causing your pain.

As to recovery please take a look at hysterectomy associations website as you need to take it easy and rest else you will cause some really bad problems.

Take care & good luck.


I was told before from a byopsy during a lap last April that I had adenomyosis and my womb was swollen and sore this was one of main reasons for hysterectomy as was told ablation had made situation worse , so was surprised when after hysterectomy told womb and ovaries normal as had also been told I had PCOS and complex cyst . No pathology report yet But last April at my last lap when I told I had adenomyosis it was 12 week size 😖 Now it's normal ???? Very confused. Had superficial endometriosis removed a year ago so not shocked that no more found but was not expecting normal womb.

Difficult with no partner to help with everything coming out after 1 night in hospital then with the diarrhea and sickness bug I caught in hospital , so without overstraining stuff but stuff was really strained with the gut cramping up and down to toilet, I trying to do minimum but still in so much pain and continuous night sweats so not much sleep , just sitting butbladder painful keep needing the loo . NOw one week on worried I've messed something up with the internal stitchingpain really bad I have no temp and have spoken to nurse at GP surgery and have appointment for Tuesday next week earliest they'll do 😪😪😪

I suffer with depression and am really struggling now asking for any help as just wanna retreat. 😖😖😖

Sorry I sound proper self pitying I trying to be positive but it's hard 💗💗💗💗


I totally get it so don't worry. You're not alone.

Pain is to be expected so early on. It is major surgery after all. Hope you feel better soon but remember it will take time.

GP should be ok to give you HrT. Start on tibolone and see if that works as synthetic and best for endo sufferers

Again I refer you to hysterectomy Assoc as lots of support there that it sounds like you need.


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