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No endo found at lap. Anyone else in this position, what's the next stage of diagnosis?

Hi all.

Any feedback would be greatfully received. I started with pain in my right side about a year ago, it's got worse as time has gone on. All symptoms suggested endo and after scans, swabs and internals the gyne agreed. I were convinced I would be told 'yes you were right, you have endo' but nothing, perfectly normal. It's so frustrating, I feel like a fraud. I've been told bowel investigation is next but I have no other symptoms of anything bowel related. Has anyone else gone through this or similar and have they managed to get to the bottom of their pelvic pain?

thanks in advance X

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It took two laps to diagnose my endometriosis and fibroids and I have had trouble for 11 years!! Doctors telling me I had IBS or a grumbling appendix, numerous ultrasound scans all showing nothing. Fertility problems etc,etc .....I knew it was something more!!It does make you feel like a fraud and you wonder wether people think it's all in your head!! It was actually a relief for me when I was diagnosed earlier this year as I thought I was going crazy!! Keep nagging until you get answers!!! Happy Christmas :-) nat xxx


Oh and my pain is always in my lower right side and this is where they found the fibroid growing out from my uterus!!

I also have terrible lower back pain to the right and pain down my right leg.


Hi, dfletch

I had my first lap a week past on Monday with basically the same issue as yourself. I got quite a few replies when I posted so some of these may be useful for you:


I have just taken my first period since the lap today and just as I was beginning to feel better and considering going back to work I am floored again so back to bed it is with a heat pads and pain killers!

How are you feeling after your lap?



Thanks for your replies. The prospect of another lap is bitter sweet, if it showed something at a later date I would feel relieved to know I'm not going crazy, but I would be terrified of them saying again nothing there.

Gp has put me on anti spasmodic tablets (ibs treatment) though I have no other bowel related issues but assured me it's just for process of elimination, then who knows what's next.

Aliesha, thanks for the link, we have very similar cases, would be interested to hear how you get on. I too am suffering with horrendous period pain, and feel worse than I did post op.

Hope everything goes well and merry Christmas X


That's what the doctor has given me too, we seem to be in exactly the same position! I hope you feel better soon and have a lovely Christmas!


Hi aliesha, I were wondering how you have got on with the anti spasmodics? Mine haven't touched the sides! In fact I think it is worse since the op. Have you got any closer to diagnosis?


Exactly the same as you, I stopped taking them after 2 weeks because I noticed no difference at all. I'm still taking ibuprofen and ponstan 2/3 times a day and that manages the pain to allow me to function in work etc but I'm still in agony. I've been back at work for 7 shifts and every day without fail I've had to come home and lie down before dinner then it's dinner and bed again before work the next day! I totally understand where you're coming from, I wish I had never had the lap as I have been feeling the same way I felt for about 4-7 days a month for 4 weeks now . I'm going back to my GP next week but I'm almost at the stage of not bothering because, really, what's the point?!


They are talking about a colonoscopy for me next but I really don't think it's bowel related. I want to dig my heals in and ask for an mri but like you say, what's the point, they probably won't do that until I've had to suffer the embarrassment of having a colonoscopy for them to say it's nothing in my bowel. At my wits end!


I'm exactly the same, I know I have no bowel issues because I have no symptoms and all my symptoms are ovulation/period/gynae related so how they come to that conclusion I will never know. I was considering going private for the blood test but again it's the same scenario. I'm currently taking yasmin (pill) and I was doing the whole tricycle thing so I'm going to continue with that and if there's no improvement then I may go for the mirena coil which is something I really don't want to do!


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