Am I being dramatic?

So I've been in excruciating pain the last few months and haven't been able to work, have days out or anything for more than a half an hour without having to sit down and if I'm out shopping I have to sit in every shop and have regular breaks and even then I have to come home and rest. I just feel like a complete wimp

I'm meant to be going to the Isle of Wight for my Fiancé's birthday next week and this seems like such a stretch for me like how can handle being that far away without the ability to lie down. I'm seriously contemplating bringing a wheel chair so then at least we can go to the zoo or something fun and he can push me. Is that dramatic? Is that ridiculous? Should I just bit the bullet and push myself?

How do you handle days out?

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Hi Chloeb,

I don't think you're being dramatic at all! I know how you feel about walking around and being in so much pain it takes the fun out of simple things like going shopping. If you think that having a chair will help you through your holiday, go for it. If you push yourself too hard, if you're anything like me, it'll take him even longer to recover.

Have a great time


Yes I think you're right. I will definitely pay for it maybe just having the chair there will be a bit more of a safety net than anything else

Definitely take the chair, I avoid any day out that involves too much walking, but then my mum cannot do it either so generally we go sit in a pub somewhere. I had one of my laps just before christmas, couldn't walk with the pain so we got a wheelchair for me - being wheeled round all the christmas shopping was fun :)

What's up with you may I ask?

Well I've always had painful and nausea periods but in the last 3 or 4 months I have had non stop excruciating pain. I went to see a gynaecologist a few weeks ago and they said I've probably got Endo so will refer me for a lap

That quick? From what I have gathered I thought it took afew visits and attempts before u get a laparoscopy

She's put me on the pill for 3 months and when I go back for a follow up she'll book it

Maybe if your pills don't work maybe. Surely you would get a scan first before anything?

I've had an ultrasound but not internal and they don't want to do that at the moment

I highly doubt that they'd jump straight into a laparoscopy though without an internal. Internal scans are better for seeing the female reproductive system anyway compared to an external. I'd ask for an internal one As they are more detailed

I'm seeing a private endo specialist for a second opinion so I'll see what they think. I'll let you know how it goes

Ahhhh makes sense

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