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Laparoscopy recovery/pain

I had my laparoscopy on Wednesday, probably being over paranoid about my pelvic pain but is this normal? I have pain like period cramps - tolerable ones. They removed endo from the back of my uterus. The pain will probably be because this area was operated on, and not any endo related flare up, won't it? Maybe internal inflammation? So used to endo giving me grief I'm worrying about it even now it's been removed!

My stomach is also quite swollen and tense, when does this pass?

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I don't know the answer to this- hopefully one of the ladies on here can give you good advice.

I had a laparoscopy on Wednesday too- my consultant removed endometriosis from the pouch of Douglas.

I am still getting period pains too and would be interested in what others advise.

All the best with your recovery- I hope it settles down soon.


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I had a lap on 24 April and I still get twinges mine was still really painful in second week so I went to doctors and got anti inflammatories and ended up being off work for 4 weeks if still like it in a day or two maybe go back to your gp xx


Thanks. I spoke to the nurse from day surgery today who said uterine cramps are normal but to speak to my gp about the bloating as it might be my bowels not sorting themselves out. Got some stuff from the pharmacy and will see how I go over the next few days - fingers crossed!!


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