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I've just signed up here! I've been struggling with symptoms for around 8 years and finally finally,getting some answers!!

I struggle with pain most days,worse at my period and feel so alone as I don't feel like anyone really understands the pain and tiredness I have to face!

I am sorry to hear that so many of you share similar stories and hope I can help people as much as others can help me :).

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So sorry to hear you are in so much pain Emma.😏 It truly is horrid.x

I can most certainly sympathise. And, unless experienced it, no one can comprehend how agonising it really is!

If it's any consolation, it took me seven years of agony and being told I was anxious and had hyperchondriasis (many visits back and forth to Gp) before a diagnosis- apparently that is the average time it takes to become visible during laparoscopy . I see you are already a year over this, so hopefully, as you say, you are nearer to getting somewhere. Finally! I truly hope so. 🤞🏻

Hang in there...you have managed to keep yourself going for eight long years. 👍🏻No mean feat with the sort of pain endometriosis causes.

Good luck.🙏🏻X


Emma, I'm so sorry you're feeling alone with this. We're here and we understand what you're going through. The lead up to diagnosis is awful because doctors aren't clued-up enough on the disease to diagnose it quickly, and non-sufferers can't know the pain of it.

Codeine and hot water bottles will be really helpful to you and I strongly urge you to follow an endo. diet. Google it and you'll find all the info you need re. foods to avoid. The change in diet can bring enormous relief of your symptoms. You might also wish to consider taking some supplements: fish oil (I use Nordic Naturals); MSM silica; a good quality multi-vitamin with minerals (try Pharma Nord); and Selenium and zinc. Avoid alcohol, sugar, gluten/wheat, soy and dairy which can increase the inflammation.

I'm pain-free now following surgery and the diet changes. I hope you get your laparoscopy date soon.

Please do reach out to us on here if you need any support. x


Thank you for your reply :) really appreciate it! I'm already gluten and dairy free,drink very little alcohol and try to limit sugar as much as possible! I had a lap in 2015 however it was carried out by surgeons as they suspected appendicitis...as they repeatedly do!!!! Anyway,they found old blood in my pelvis and said I have retrograde menstruation! Gyne said I probably had endo there but surgeons wouldn't know what they were looking for!! It's a tough call as don't really want another lap as the pain afterwards was almost unbearable but also want a definate answer! I'm sorry to hear you've had such a battle always but so lovely to hear you're now pain free!!!! X


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