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Hi all. Been a long time since I have been on here. Been plodding on for a little while following my laparoscopy 2 years ago, which diagnosed endo. Since then I have tried the contraceptive pill, the Mirena coil, zoladex injections along with painkillers. I have still had irregular bleeding (can bleed for 3 out of 4 weeks non stop) and a lot of pain around my pelvis, lower back and legs. I was due to go for an MRI scan but the surgeon requested I go for a 2nd laparoscopy, which I had on Monday. Unfortunately they didn't find any endo this time, but have done a D&C and sent samples away for biopsy. I'm left feeling like a fraud because I truly think they believe it's all in my head and that I am exaggerating about the pain. I don't know where to go from here and I feel so low and confused 😢

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hi. I'm sorry your in pain and not getting any help. Did you have your surgery done at a bsge centre?

please don't feel like a fraud your pain is really. What pain killers are you taking? I found the pain clinic very helpful for longer term pain management and the people were so lovely and caring.

do you know the stage of Endo you have? Also have you tried diet to help with pain, doesn't work for everyone but I found it makes a big difference.

hope your not having a painful day.

take care. Xx

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Hi, thanks for replying. No its was just at our local infirmary, so it's not been a specialist I have been dealing with, just gynaecologists. At the moment I am on paracetamol and Tramadol. They have never given me a stage but I do know it's only classed as mild as they never found much the first time they did the lap and none the second time. I am a vegetarian so don't eat red meat (which they had told me to avoid) and I don't eat a lot of dairy products or caffeine, these were the main ones they told me could affect it xx

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