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Swollen stomach


Sorry I have to ask how long should I expect my stomach after a laparoscopy and cyst and endometriosis removal till the bloated and swelling goes?

I know we all different and heal differently but my bloated stomach seems worse as the days gone on. It's been one wk today since having laparoscopy. The stomach discomfort has changed but still uncomfortable and feels like a bad period pain. But having said that my right side is throbbing. I just back from sports day and had to stand for over an hour and now my stomach is very uncomfortable. And I not finding pain killers helping but also concerned to take them as made me constipated. I'm taking Senna tablets but still problems.

But my main thing is my stomach some times not so swollen then other times I look about 9 months pregnant!!

I know we all experience it differently but I just wonder how long roughly I have painful swollen stomach to cope with. Should I b worried?

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It's been a month since I had my first lap. I'd say my stomach was swollen for about 10 days and I'm still feeling discomfort and tolerable pain.

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