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Daytime progression

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone else feels like their pains and things tend to get worse as the day progresses? When I wake up, I'll often feel pretty okay from a night of not moving, curled around my hot water bottle, but as the day goes and I move more, things get gradually worse, not to mention that I just lose energy at a far higher rate than I used to.

My work schedule rotates between a week of day shifts and a week of evening shifts and I'm noticing that the day shifts are easier for me to handle because, even if things feel like they're gradually getting worse as the day goes, I'm usually home before things get really bad, whereas the evening shifts, I'm ready for a nap by the time I start my shift, let alone the fact that the aches and pains get steadily worse as the day goes.

I was just wondering if anyone else feels like their pain works this way too. Granted, some days are just instantly bad, but often, it feels like it's a gradual progression throughout the day as I try and push through work and chores and errands and whatnot.

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Hiya Hun, yes mine do too, I could wake up with no pain or a little niggling pain and then it can just carry on getting more painful! What pain killers do you take if you don't mind me asking x


I have 30 milligram codeine tablets the doctor prescribed to me that I take on days that are really bad, days I can't push through and go to work. They also make me nauseous though so I take an anti-nausea pill too, as well as Buscopan, an anti-spazmatic to help with cramping.

On days I think I can push through, I take ibuprofen or naproxen as they're anti-inflammatories, not that they do too much, aside from dull the pains a bit.


Hi Hun, I've recently started to take naproxen to try and get the swelling down which I find really helpful! I was given buscopan but then taken off it as it's for ibs xx


Hi love,

me too! I reccon it might be all the pulling on the adhesions form standing and moving around so long. I had my lap almost 2 weeks ago, and they found heaps of adhesions. Unfortunately it seems to be taking ages for me to recover post op :( ? Best of luck with everything :)


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