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Passing wind after laproscopy

its not the nicest of questions but how long did it take you all to start passing wind after laproscopy? He found endo on my bowel and womb so removed as much as he could. I literally feel like I need to pass wind so much but nothing is coming t all! I'm finidinf it difficult to pee as well but mainly the passing wind is the main issue. Anyone any ideas?

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Hello, I'd recommend using a hot water bottle and drinking peppermint tea as well as some walking around, it should shift the gas, I think it took me roughly 1.5 days to shift it.


Hi i had my lap a week ago and my trapped wind pain was so bad I was doubled over. I did use peppermint tea and a hot water bottle but the pain thing that helped was "deflatine" by Rennie it's a yellow box. I had 2 every 4 fours for 2 days and It was gone. Hope it works for you, it is a horrible feeling xxx


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