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Hi everyone! I'm 17 years old and have been suffering from severe period cramping pains in which cut off the feeling to my legs and i cannot walk. I got given Mefenamic Acid 250mg from my doctor and was told to take them for as long as i had the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, numb legs and thick blood clots in my period. i have currently been taking them for just under a week and the medication is not working!!! i rang back my doctor to notify him and told him i have also been on my period 3 times this month (May to present) and he told me it was normal!??? Another doctor gave me an appointment for an ultrasound scan to see if i have Endometriosis.

I was really just writing so somebody could give me some advice on what Endometriosis is and what you are going through so i can get an idea because so far i am petrified of the fact i may have it!! x Louise xx

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I'm in a similar boat ish my doctor months ago told me I had anxiety (basically it was all in my head) and ibs and to not visit again. It wasnt til I went to another doctor which they told me it might be Endometriosis so I'm seeing a specialist. Just wanted to say though from looking online they might not be able to diagnose from a ultra sound.

I hope you get help soon though xx

hi Abi, mental health in my opinion is not taken as serious as it should be!

i just want to live a some what 'normal' life without the fear of losing sensation in my legs and having to go home from somewhere or having to sit down!!

I hope they offer another solution for me if they cannot find out anything from the ultrasound.

thank you for writing back, it means a lot xx

Hi I understand you mean. I mean I did get anxious but it was because of the stomach I got to start off with (I have a massive phobia of sick so I was constantly scared I was gonna be) But since theraphy its calmed down slightly but like now I just finished food and my stomachs making noise and is slightly tender 🤔 I think it did make me doubt myself constantly though 😔

I hope you will get help 🤞🏻 They should offer you the laparoscopy if they dont see anything or at least offer you another option 😮 It does look like it takes awhile to diagnose though 😩

Stay strong xx


Hi Louise,

Sorry to hear you are also going through this!

Why mefenamic acid I wonder. Personally I take Feminax and paracetamol. I know there are stronger ones that also help with the bleeding.

He might see things on ultrasound but not always if it is small. To be sure it is endo, I think only a laparoscopy to go see inside can give you a definite answer. I only had one so am sure someone else more experienced in lapa can confirm whether what I'm saying is right.

Endo is not rare, 1 in 10 woman has it or some form of it. With the right treatment, you can alleviate your symptoms, sometimes to the point you have 'normal' periods.

I think the first treatment is to go on the pill, right? (Please correct if not true)

For me, that made a huge difference when I was 18!

Although I had a lapa and was on various pills over the years, I also got pregnant fairly easily - in case you are worried about your fertility- it all depends where the endo is on your organs!

Hope you are OK, come back to let us how you are and what's happening 👍

I have tried various contraceptive pills for a couple of years now and nothing has really worked for my periods because some give me migraines which I'm prone to get. The pill i am on now (the mini pill- faenolla)

I don't understand how one doctor can send me for an ultrasound scan and another doctor can say 3 periods in a month is normal? I'm mainly confused, and its my body and i know something is wrong. its just finding out what is wrong which is the problem.

I went to a sexual health clinic to talk about the coil but I'm not too keen at the fact i can't control it like the pill.

thank you so much for getting in touch i really appreciate it, i will keep everyone updated when i get my appointment for my scan. xxx

Hi, I'm in a similar situation, after ten plus years of suffering I have finally found a doctor who's taking me seriously. As many of the others have said the ultrasound will not be able to diagnose endometriosis, I think it's used to simply rule out any other conditions such as cysts and pcos. Endometriosis can only be confirmed with surgery. I've had swabs taken and I am now waiting for my appointment to come through for my ultrasound. After the ultrasound I'm to contact the doctor so he can refer me to a gynaecologist. He's pretty confident nothing will be found on the ultrasound but they need to rule out everything else first. I had an emergency ultrasound in April which showed my left ovary is abnormally high and quite hard to find. I suspect this could be endometriosis pushing my ovary up and back and causing excruciating pain for me.

It looks like we will be going through a similar timeline for our diagnosis so if you feel like talking and keeping I touch feel free to. Good luck with everything x

Thank you!!! I feel like doctors etc are not taking me serious due to my age for some reason??? I've only just turned 17 two months ago. I hate that something's wrong and they're not really doing anything. Thank you for the information it's very helpful. Will keep you updated!!! Xx

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