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Hello ladies,

Sorry to gross you all out with this but I need some help. I have now been bleeding (period) for 2 weeks. (4 day break in between) This is very unusual for me. usually my periods only last 1 week then I have 3 weeks or so off before starting again. however, this month is very strange.

I have 2 rather large cysts on my ovaries and stage 4 endo. My husband was pleasuring me when he noticed little clots. He stopped and did the deed, however after this I have not stopped bleeding. I am slightly worried that maybe the cyst on my left ovary has burst, but there is still twinging of pain there, first off the fluid was of a brownish colour, but now, it is pure red. like there is a tap that wont turn off, or a cut that wont stop. I also pass large (what I think) clots. They are dark red and a lot of them ranging in sizes.

I've tried to get an appointment with my Dr however he is on holiday. Should I see someone else or am I being too paranoid? this isn't like my body to do this. however I am in pretty much no pain which is also odd as I always feel in pain in some way or another.

I recently started the couch to 5k to get me active as I have to loose weight to be accepted for IVF, this whoever is a vicious circle. I will exercises, then have excruciating pain for 2 days. :-( I just want this to go away. #ihateendo!!

Thanks lovelies for your support.


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