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Help :( Recommendations?


This is the first time I've posted on this forum and I am at my absolute wits end. I have suffered with endo since I was 14 (I'm now 26) and in January was admitted to hospital in excruciating pain (much worse than the day to day endo pain that I have come to get used to and endure). Despite being admitted a further 2 times and having an MRI, I am still waiting to see someone to help me - I went to see one 'specialist' who said that upon review of my MRI, the adhesions are too severe for her to operate on so I'm now waiting to see another 'specialist' but as I am a referral, instead of a 'new' patient, I am having to wait until at least the end of July before I even have a consultation. This is affecting my relationship, my work life and social life and I cannot cope with the pain. Does anyone have recommendations of a private surgeon to go and see as I simply can't wait several more months to have some sort of resolve. I know you can't recommend surgeons openly on the page but wonder if someone did have a recommendation, perhaps to private message me? Sorry for my huge rant, I just don't know what else to do! Thank you x

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I don't have any recommendations to suggest, I'm sorry. I just wanted to reach out and say that I hope you get to see someone soon. Bless you, I know how you must be feeling.

With love xx


Thank you <3 it means a lot! Such an awful condition to have to suffer with and endure :( xxx


Im not sure the private route will help .. [edited to comply with our code of conduct]. Private hospitals dont have the facilities to deal with major surgery . Ie intensive care if needed or vast amount of surgeons on call! It maybe worth waiting for NHS! Good luck.


Thank you, I appreciate your advice :) x


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