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Has removing endo ovary/fallopian tube be successful for anyone?

Last year I had a lap and they found and removed endo, but the pain on my right side was still there - I ended up having a private ultrasound and now have been told my right Fallopian tube is bulky with blood and I have endo in my right ovary. I want them removed, but a non-Gyne surgeon said it might not make a difference. I was wondering if anyone had chronic pain because of endo in a fallopian tube/ovary, but the pain went once the Fallopian tube/ovary was removed?

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Depending on your age they will generally not remove you ovary. I had my fallopian removed on left in december and its not made an ounce of difference! In fact im worse now than before excision surgery! Its hit and miss really depending on how aggressive your endo is. Sometimes surgery works, sometimes it doesnt!


I tend to agree with Heloo85

I was getting some really quite severe pain at times but I could deal with it. When I had tests at an IVF clinic I was told both my tubes were damaged and full of fluid, also I had chocolate cysts on both ovaries. I was advised to have both my tubes removed so IVF would be more successful or at least give it a better chance. When I had my lap, cysts were removed, both tubes and some Endo removed. Since then I've had 4 failed ivfs. I would say I was pain free for nearly a year and thought "it's solved all my problems... pain free and a better chance at ivf but actually my pain is worse than it ever was before. My uterus has now adhered to my bowel and my pain unbearable at times and I'm on high strength prescription meds. If I could go back in time I'd refuse. x


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